David Beckham — and his family —the former Boy Wonder of Manchester United, and former 90s pop star Victoria Beckham, are worth an absolute fortune. They family is worth so much in fact that they’re currently worth £470m, which is thought to be rising by roughly £30m to £40m every year.

David is a proud OBE, who represented his national England Football team — where he earned 58 caps as a professional. During his career he also played for Preston North End, Real Madrid, Milan, LA Galaxy, Paris Saint-Germain. His football skills made him the first English player to win league titles in a record number of countries. He won titles in England, Spain, the United States and France.

It was a combination of David’s good looks and his super-skilled feet that made him what he’s worth today. So rich are the Beckhams, they’re reported to be worth more than old Lizzie (who is worth £3, the Queen of England. And lets face it, competing with the royals is no was measure. The former footballer not only made a killing form football itself, but also from various acting roles, and brand endorsements — of which he’s had many.

Victoria, his wife, now make her fortune from her fashion brand, and ironically, the Beckham’s wealth has reportedly sky-rocketed since he stopped kicking a ball around. So his retirement from the game in May 2013 did little to harm his bank balance.

During his footy days, he was popular for his crossing ability and especially his free-kicks, and in 2004 was selected in the FIFA 100 list of the world's greatest living players. Certainly earns like a top player, of that we can be sure. With a family worth of almost half a billion — it’s unlikely we’ll see him down the doll office anytime soon.

Even the family’s non-business assets are worth an estimated £190m. That’s surely a lot of bricks and nice engines lying around.

Having kids also did little to harm the Beckham’s prospects of wealth. With super-famous parents such as David and Victoria, the kids also get handsome modelling contracts, and they’re very marketable as a family unit. If it’s good for the Beckhams — it’s good enough for anyone. Marketeers don’t miss out on that angle very easily.

This year, Beckham Ventures is expected to treble its mighty wealth, as Victoria’s popular fashion business grows. Revenue was £30m in 2013, compared to £1m in the company's first year in 2009. Last year, Victoria Beckham was named the UK's top entrepreneur and praised for her "finely-tuned business acumen".

The mega rich couple got married in 1999 — in an expectedly glamorous wedding — have just celebrated Mother’s Day together. Lets just imagine they didn’t toast Victoria to cheap champagne.