Carlos Slim has a really fat bank account. So fat in fact that Slim is one of the world’s richest men. Known by many as the ‘Warren Buffet of Mexico’, the multi-billionaire business magnate is the chairman and chief exec of Latin America's largest mobile-phone carriers Telmex and América Movil. Slim’s fat bank sees that he’s worth a mind-blowing $72.9 billion.

And like many billionaires — who lets face it have more money than they likely need to have a high quality of life — he is a keen philanthropist. Wouldn’t you be if you had that kind of money? For three years he was ranked the world’s richest man, ahead of Bill Gates and the like.

Slim made his considerable fortune through his many Mexican companies in his conglomerate, Grupo Carso. In his pretty impressive portfolio he holds stakes in businesses ranging from telecommunications, education, health care, industrial manufacturing, food industry, real estate, airlines, media, energy, hospitality, entertainment, and financial services. We won’t list them all — sure you get the idea. There’s not much Slim doesn’t do to pump up his fat bank.
He is worth so much, in fact, as to be worth the same as 6% of Mexico’s gross domestic product.

From a young age Slim was destined to be a rich man. Or at least a businessman. His father gave a young Slim lessons as a child, where he taught him the ‘value of financial literacy, management and accountability’. Not quite a kick-around in the park that most kids get with their football-mad fathers. But hey, he can kick all the balls in the world now with his billions — who needs good innocent father-son fun. Cynical humour aside, that is what young Slim enjoyed. His favourite subject was maths for goodness sake.

Where Slim borders into the eccentric region, habits of those we mortals can never be like: he apparently keeps all of his many financial records handwritten in books. Surprising really that he finds time and enough ink for that.

In his personal life Slim is father to six children. As though embedded in their genes, they have helped extend the family wealth to its colossal proportions. His three sons hold top positions in his companies and all are involved one way or another with the day-to-day running of the businesses.

If his kids are anything like Chief Slim, then they’d have been making their first investments at the age of 11, which Slim did in purchasing shares in a Mexican bank. Clearly, that helped his progression to become the man he is today. He took a degree in civil engineering, and for a time while still a student he taught algebra and linear programming (whatever linear programming is) — making his both professor and pupil. Few missed his potential.

“It's important to give a better country to your children, but it is more important to give better children to your country.” Slim said once-upon-a-time. Well, Slim, it’s safe to say that you nailed that for your kids. They surely want for nothing and eat very, very well.