Clayton Edward Kershaw, the all-American left-handed baseball pitcher playing for Los Angeles in the MBL. Since 2008 he’s played in the major leagues — and he’s become the most valuable National League player. He is worth a fortune to the tune of $30 million.

With his perfectly produced power of deception when pitching is an art in itself, allowing him to consistently deliver overhand on all his pitches.

A naturally gifted sportsman, at high school Kershaw excelled at both baseball and football. But the athlete decided to follow his baseball skills through and quickly got a name for being a top level prospect, especially after he posted a 13–0 record where he boasted an earned run average of 0.77, recording 139 strikeouts in 64 innings.

There was no stopping this young man’s vertical ascent in his chosen sport.
So good was Kershaw that when his team faced off a Texas school, he pitched an all-strikeout game in perfect fashion. That is to say he struck out all fifteen batters. Hardly surprising that he’s built himself a reputation amount his teammates as a perfectionist. Proof is in da puddin’.

His family watched on as though staring at a winning lottery ticket. And rightfully so. He even reached the majors at the age of twenty-years-old. He was the youngest player in Major League Baseball at that time, and to this day.

Then the awards which he’d already won plenty of, started flowing at an even greater rate. In 2011 Kersha won the pitching Triple Crown and the National League Cy Young Award.
But it’s not all balls-and-games for Kershaw. Along with his career and financial success, came the kind of work that all great people do: charity. He and his wife Ellen launched ‘Kershaw’s Challenge’, to help raise money to build an orphanage in Zambia.

Then as well as baseball awards, he started to pick up awards for humanitarian work too. Kershaw was raised by his mother after his parents split when he was ten-years-old.
Los Angeles Dodgers bought Kershaw in 2014 for $4 million, which at the time was considered by many baseball buffs to be a steal of a price. But bargains aside, the young man is estimated to earn as much as $33 million in three seasons of that contract, so lets not get the violins out just yet.

It’s fair to say that salaries will likely be going up during his contract too, which could see him demand an even higher price. Shame it’s not so easy to raise such a talent, but we’re sure you would if you could — with money like that swashing around.