There’s really not many things that Jackie Chan cannot do. The Honk Kong martial artist, who has also had a stellar career as an actor, as well as a successful time being director, singer, stuntman, and comedian has the the Kung fu specialist worth a real fortune, to the tune where it’s estimated Chan is worth a massive net $350 million.

Can’t argue with that. Can’t really argue with Jackie Chan at all actually can you, he’ll either put you down with a Kung fu sweep or collapse you to the ground with a joke.

The energetic Chan was in 1954 in British Hong Kong — who trained like a madman for in martial arts and acrobatics for a decade — came from a refugee family fleeing the Chinese Civil War. Chan quickly earned the nickname Cannonball — due to his non-stop physical activity. His acting career started when Chan was fairly young in the 60s, and he’s since appeared in well over 150 films. Chan — or Cannoball — is so popular that his name is plastered on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Chan very likely gets his talents from both his father and his mother in the most perfect combination of vocations. Charles, his father, worked as a spy for the Chinese government. Oddly enough, this his how Chan’s father came to meet his wife: apparently after arresting her when she worked as a stage performer (and opium dealer). They later married and had their little Cannonball.

The Honk Kong Kung fu expert with his charm and humour has ensured that he built up an empire of wealth over the decades, and his family-friendly Rush Hour franchise has reportedly grossed a whopping $845 million globally to date. That’s almost a billion dollars. That’s mostly from his western audiences; then imagine he’s something of a cultural icon in his home country.

Chan also does his own stunts, which makes him a big hit with the fans, and likely saves the production companies the hassle of finding a Chan lookalike with a chiselled body and some badass moves. As if there’s nothing the Kung fu kickass can’t do, believe it or not he is quite the academic too. Chan studied to get his Doctor of Social Science degree in the 90s from the Hong Kong Baptist University. What a guy.

With his vocal talents — developed with singing lessons during his childhood — Chan has released over 20 albums in up to five languages. Yes, you couldn’t make this character up could you. The polyglot has recorded his vocals in Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Taiwanese and English — and is massively successful with his microphone in Kong Kong and Asia.

The Kung fu master to get the kind of wealth he’s accumulated, has really put his neck on the line, in stunts that have left him injured numerable times.

Still, he no doubt looks at his bank balance and think: it was well worth it.