It’s hard not to like Lily Allen. The British singer-songwriter and actress has had quite a life by any measure. But her talent and connections has brought her some real success that has seen her net worth over the years rocket.

Allen is reckoned to be worth a staggering $20 million dollars.

Her success in life many attribute to her parent’s own success. Her father is popular British actor Keith Allen, while her mother is film producer Alison Owen. It’s fair to say that Lily Allen was born into a very successful family, but not a family that had everything handed to them on a plate.

Although, when she was only 3 years old, she did appear on an episode of a TV show that her dad wrote. But that’s what makes Allen real and interesting. Paradoxically, she has also lived and grew up part on a council estate. Hardly synonymous with massive success.

Eleven years ago, in 2005, a young Allen put some of her music on the old — but popular at the time — Myspace. Luckily for Allen, people loved it. Her distinctive London accent and pretty face was the perfect cocktail for commercial success.

She eventually landed a sweet spot on BBC Radio 1 and signed a contract with Regal Recordings. Then she really began to hit the big-time. And it probably was a fact noticed by her bank manager, too.

“I just felt like I couldn't deal with the everyday responsibilities of life, paying bills and all of that. I'm terrible at all of that. So I knew I had to make enough money to pay someone else to deal with all of that.” Allen once said.

Pretty nice privilege if you can pay everyone else to deal with that stuff.
But it’s not all been plain sailing for the young musician. She is one woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Over the years she has fired off heated remarks about numerous celebrities.
Among the illustrious list are Kylie Minogue, Bob Geldof and even Katy Perry.

Allen’s first mainstream single, Smile, hit top spot in the UK singles chart over 10 years ago in 2006. Her music has been bought by millions and millions worldwide and her talent has been noticed by the industry wigs. Allen has been nominated for Grammy Awards, Brit Awards, and even MTV awards.

She was recently in the press for wading into a ongoing debate about the Calais ‘Jungle’, a refugee camp in France. Allen is a long-time Labour supporter and isn’t concerned about getting political. Good on her.

Five years ago Allen launched her own record label, as she wanted to broaden the scope of her workload.

Allen is married and has to two daughters, Ethel Mary and Marnie Rose.
It would be nice to see her continue with her music career, as the music, beyond everything else, is certainly worth listening to.

“Because of piracy there has been a massive downturn in people buying music, which makes it more difficult for artists to make money from the sale of records.” She said.
God job she made enough before illegal downloads became the norm, aye.