The Olympic Games has finally kicked off this summer in Rio, Brazil. The major sporting event that comes around every fours years — which sees in excess of 10,000 athletes competing for the prestigious medals — has been mired with controversy; but luckily that doesn’t appear to have brought a downer on the huge event.

What’s interesting about the Games, is that over the years many of the sports have lost there pure amateur status since the International Olympic Committee in 1986 started allowing for professional athletes to compete.

So along with the shift in the some sports’ status — boxing being the most recent to allow professionals to compete against amateurs — we have seen the inclusion of some athletes who are really raking in some top dollar.

This got us thinking at Gambling Deals; when Forbes reported that half of the American athletes who ranked in the top 10 of their events in London 2012, earned south of $15,000 per year (all avenue streams, including endorsements, etc.); so we thought to take a look at three 2016 Olympic athletes who are earning some mega bucks. Lets aptly call them the Rich Olympians.

Kevin Durant

It’s fair to say that American basketball player Kevin Durant could fund most of the US athletes who are earning less that $15,000 per year, and not miss a single penny. The young man — 27 is young, right? — is worth a massive $120 million dollars, and earns over $20 million dollars per year.

Durant has $36 million dollar endorsement deals with some big big brands, such as Nike, Degree, and Gatorade. In 2015 its reckoned that the star earned almost $90 million dollars in salary alone. That is some serious cash to have in the bank.

Usain Bolt

Phooooom. Gone. That’s Usain Bolt for you, the fastest man on the planet and to have ever lived. The Jamaican who made his first appearance at the Beijing 2008 Olympics, where he broke records and, of course won fans, endorsements, and lots of money. This all helped him on his way to become of the highest paid athletes in the world. He is reckoned to have earned over $20 million dollars that year alone.

Many speculate that after his appearance in this summer’s Games, he’ll be worth over $100 million dollars, which is a decent enough whack.

Andy Murray

Brit Andy Murray is has earned a fortune during his tennis career, winning many competitions and picking up some handsome prize money along the way.

It is reckoned that he’s worth around $50 million dollars, and when you see his list of brand endorsements, it’s easy to see how the popular Scot has made his mint alongside the less fortunate Olympic athletes who struggle to get funded.