Few film directors are as well known as Woody Allen for having such a distinctive style.

The Brooklynite film director is known mostly for his witty satire both behind and in front of the camera. Running off with his partner’s much younger adopted daughter, Korean born Soon-Yi, of course caused a bitter break-up in the 90s between a certain Mia Farrow who had acted in many of Allen’s films.

Luckily for Allen, who is worth a massive $65 million, never did marry Farrow. Lets be sure that had he done such a thing — he’d have been lumbered with quite expensive fees in court.

Allen has been a prominent player in the movie industry for many decades, actually since 1950. He has been everything from actor, director, playwright, comedian, you name it, within the movie industry Allen has done it all.

As a comedian and filmmaker, he developed a certain signature built on portraying the neurosis within people, and never once spared himself the pain of being the subject itself. A mess of insecure, intellectualised inner and outer monologues and dialogues is what his fans love most. It's what he loves most.

As his body of work grew, so did the accolades. He has landed a place in many 'greatest comedian' lists within the top ten or even top five. Does he deserve it? Probably yes.
Allen profess to having had an unhappy childhood, which is where much of his material may have come from when portraying relationships in typical Allen style. Fraught with worry and bitterness and rarely experiencing any actual satisfaction.

Whatever it was, or is — the place where he sought his material — it didn’t always pay millions.

Allen started off his career earning $75 per week, which to be fair, paid more than his parents combined salaries at the time. But then his salary went on an upward trajectory and he started earning some big bucks and really getting involved in the media circles.

Allen’s first movie script was for a film called What’s New Pussycat in 1965. He claims to have not been happy with the overall feel of the finished project, so made the brave move of committing to direct all his own films from thereon. Who can forget his classic film Annie Hall? Not many who’ve seen it that’s for sure.

Then there was his other films such as Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex, Manhattan, Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures, among many others.

The witty comedian for more than 75 years was undergoing psychoanalysis, which was portrayed brilliantly in Annie Hall.

But life hasn’t always been a series of successes. Since the 90s Allen has had hanging over him accusations of child abuse, the victim being Farrow’s daughter. He has consistently and bitterly denied the accusations and blames the break up from Farrow and its turning bitter as the real route of the 7-year-old’s claims.

This crops up now and again for the multi-millionaire and he refuses to talk about it. Nothing legally came of the case, and it’s his right to refuse engaging in such talk when it does crop up.
These old haunting accusations cropped up again recently at the Cannes Film Festival, where the allegations of sexual assault where renewed against him.

Allen once said, not related to the case: ’What if everything is an illusion and nothing exists? In that case, I definitely overpaid for my carpet.’

The one thing that never leaves the film director is his humour, and it’s this that has seen his net worth rise over the year. Keep buying those expensive carpets Mr Allen, you can afford them.