Frequently asked questions


It's really easy to start earning cashback on your losses at all of your favourite Casino, Slots, Sports betting & Bingo operators. Simply register for a free Gambling Deals account and follow these simple steps:

  1. Find a cashback offer
  2. Click through and register as a brand new player at that partner
  3. Play and earn cashback on your total monthly losses, recorded within 24 hours and paid into your bank, Skrill, Paypal account every month

Gambling Deals pays members cashback on their lifetime losses, every month for life. Our payment run starts on the 17th of the month and pays members for losses accrued in their previous months activity.

It’s simple, if you registered with a partner offering 20% cashback and you lose £100, we will pay you £20 into your bank, Skrill or Paypal account at the end of the following month.

Yes, in order to qualify for a cashback reward (for life) you must be a brand new player at each specified partner. However, there is no limit to the amount of partners you can play with, if you are new, we’ll record your cashback.

Gambling Deals acts a free of charge security blanket when you bet online. We aim to help put money back into your pocket if you have a bad month. We pay cashback up to £300 per partner, per calendar month and as soon as a new month starts, we reset your earnings to zero and you start again.

Gambling Deals updates member accounts on a daily basis so your recorded earnings should show in your Gambling Deals account within 24 hours of your playing activity. We have built a robust and reliable tracking solution to ensure your account is updated daily, however if you do experience a problem then you can make a cashback claim from within your Gambling Deals account.

Simply visit Claims and select ‘make a new cashback claim’.


Gambling Deals offers three different payments options: bank transfer, Skrill or Paypal. You can update your preferences within your Gambling Deals account area by visiting your profile section and selecting Payment Details. Please note, if your payment details are not updated then we cannot pay you your cashback.

Yes! Payment are made directly to your bank account or via PayPal or Skrill on a monthly basis, so you can rest assured that your earnings are safe at all times!

Yes! We don't require your card number or any payment information - only your account number and sort code so that we can pay you! What's more, these details are kept in an encrypted database. Other than that, we'll pay you using trusted payment partners such as PayPal and Skrill.

Gambling Deals shows members an estimated loss or win figure at a partner. The reason is, our recording technology can be affected by several factors outside of our control. For example, bonuses claimed, local taxes, jackpot contributions and more. If your cashback has not recorded as you expected, please raise a cashback claim from within your account and a Gambling Deals Claims Specialist will investigate and contact you within 7 days.


To submit a cashback claim, navigate to the Claims section from within your Gambling Deals account and select ‘make a new cashback claim’. Gambling Deals will assign a Claims Specialist to your claim who will contact you within 7 days.

We aim to resolve all cashback claims with a positive outcome, however in certain cases we have to reject claims. The main reasons for rejecting cashback claims are:

  • You are not a newly registered player at the partner
  • Your account is showing a monthly positive balance

We will notify you of your claim status by email and via the notification centre within your account.


Gambling Deals matches 5% of your referred players total cashback earnings and pays it directly into your Gambling Deals account, every month. You can refer your contacts using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Email and once your friends join, they can share and earn extra cashback too.

You can also copy your unique referral link from within your Gambling Deals account and share this anywhere. Simply visit the Referral Income section of your Gambling Deals account and copy the link, when other people click the link and join Gambling Deals, they will be linked with your account and you will earn a matched 5% of their total cashback.

You can raise a cashback claim from within the Claims section of your Gambling Deals account. Simply select ‘make a new claim’ and in the ‘reason for claim’ dropdown select ‘referral earnings’. Gambling Deals will assign a Claims Specialist to your claim who will contact you within 7 days.


Please get in touch via our contact us form and a member of the Gambling Deals team will get back to you as soon as possible.