Serie A is regarded as one of the greatest leagues in the world and during the 90’s was known for producing the highest quality football and best teams. Serie A consists of 20 teams and operates a promotion and relegation system with Serie B making for a very competitive season with lots of great betting opportunities. Juventus have won the Serie A the most times and remain the most well known team in Italy. Serie A and Serie B have two domestic cup competitions that involve all the teams and create a range of prestigious and exciting fixtures outside of the league calendar. Gambling Deals is the exciting new loyalty platform that rewards you every time you bet with up to 20% cashback on all losing bets. Gambling Deals is completely free to join and has cashback offers from all the leading sports betting, bingo and casino operators. In addition to offering up to 20% cashback on your losing bets, Gambling Deals also gives you the chance to earn additional rewards by referring your friends.

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