Become a Guaranteed Winner at Vera & John’s Casino Today

Score the highest spin of the day and win £5000 
Score the highest casino win of the month and get £50,000Play via Gambling Deals to access £100 sign-up BONUS, 100 FREE spins & 20% CASHBACK 
Here at Gambling Deals, we love guaranteeing you money. 
We started out guaranteeing all of our players up to 20% cashback every time they lose. Today we’re taking it one step further. We’re offering our players the chance to become one of Vera & John’s Guaranteed Cash Winner’s.
Spinning your way to a Guaranteed Win is easy. 
Simply sign-up to Vera & John’s Casino through Gambling Deals to unlock your £100 sign-up bonus, access your 100 free spins and start playing today! 
More About The DealVera & John guarantees its highest spinners win at least £5000 every day and £50,000 every month: The Daily Win: Vera & John’s highest single spinner of the day will win at least £5000 cash. If the the highest single-spin happens to be less than £5,000, Vera & John automatically tops that winner’s money up until it reaches the juicy amount!  And if that isn’t enough to whet your appetite. 
The Monthly Win: Vera & John promises its highest casino winner of the month receives £50,000, even if they’re earnings don’t quite add up to that…Cha-ching! 
Play With Confidence Remember, you may not win the highest spin every time, but that’s ok. Gambling Deals has your back and we protect your losses. 
Play at Vera & John’s through us to secure 20% of your money back every time you lose. 
Happy Spinning! 
The Gambling Deals Team 

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