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The 5 best poker apps for iOS available – Gambling Deals reviews where you should play

Poker has had something of a renaissance over the past decade or so, helped by the increase of internet connectivity, and mobile technology, such as iPhones and iPads. Testament to the huge increase of this marketplace is the news that the global online market will hit a colossal $41.4billion by the end of this year, which means it will have grown threefold since 2005.

What is quite surprising however, is the fact that land-based face to face gambling still dwarfs the online market with profits of $360bn this year. This is led by gambling mega cities such as Vegas and Macau. You can win money using some of the mobile apps, but this will depend on whether or not it’s legal or illegal in the place you’re living/looking to play.

We thought we’d round up the best iOS poker apps for you.

Texas Holdem

This wizard of a poker app, Texas Holdem, which is part of, fee and has many multi-table games you can enter into, is a fine way to pass the time and to improve your game. A unique feature built into this app is the fact that you can jump tables when it suits you to fold.

We have to be honest though, this app isn’t an app for serious players, it’s for a fun game and for people that probably enjoy a bit of a social life tied in with the deal, as you can build a profile much like that of any other social media network. It’s rated with a handsome and convincing 4.5 in the app store.

Fresh Deck Poker

Fresh Deck has got your back, or lets say it saves your games so that when you login from a different device to the one you started playing, it keeps all of your data, which is particularly good for when you’re on the move. Start playing on your iPhone during lunch break, then pick it back up on the arguably more comfortable iPad when you get home. Great for if you want to improve your poker game and not take it too seriously to begin with.

Jawfish Poker

Developed by World Poker Tournament champ Phil Gordon, this app was bound to be pretty cool. The problem is that despite Gordon winning a shedload of money, on numerous occasions, this doesn’t mean that he had the strength of some of the bigger and renowned gambling companies.

This is a huge platform for poker fans, one of the biggest in fact, so little surprise that they pretty much nailed the mobile app too. Because of the size of PokerStars they offer great, round-the-clock support for its customers, which you’ll appreciate should you run into any account issues.

They offer multi-tablle games, and this would suit perhaps the most hardcore of poker players out there.

Zynga Live Poker

Many have this app as the munger one poker app out there for the iPhone. You can connect Zynga to your Facebook account too and invite people to play. There is no money to be won through Zynga though, it’s solely for enjoyment and entertainment purposes. You can get pretty serious about your chips though. Gambling can be fun too, when you’re not losing.


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