Things to do in Macau when you’re out of the casino

Gambling doesn’t always go to plan, that’s the nature of the beast, the nature that drives the adrenaline enough to play the next hand. So when in Macau – aka “Las Vegas of the Far East” – surrounded by it’s many casinos, The Venetian Macau is the biggest casino in the world, and influences enough flippant behaviour, that it may leave your pockets a tad dry.

But gambling losses should not mean it’s stops you having fun and experiencing some on the city’s delights on your trip.

We’ve rounded up a few great things to do when in Macau after you’ve been left high-and-dry, as they say.

Follow your nose, find the food

Good food in Macau is plentiful, so much so that you may gain a few pounds if you want to really taste the city’s offerings. The influences of the old Portugese colony is evident in some of the fine food you’ll find. The classic egg tarts are delicious and easy to find. The dim sum. All of this is pretty affordable so great if you’ve been on a gambling losses streak.

If you aren’t high and dry with your gambling, and fancy some top grub, there is Zi Yat Heen, that offers a selection of savoury dishes clearly cooked with fresh and exquisite ingredients, and it has the high accolade of the Michelin Star.

Visit Taipa Village

Visiting Taipa Village costs a small amount, there is no policy of the hard up gamblers excluding them from this fine island not far from the Macau Peninsula. It is represented by Freguesia de Nossa Senhora do Carmo, which is named for Our Lady of Carmel Church on the island. There is a beautiful Chinese temple that you can happen upon, and what makes it more interesting is turning a corner and finding Portuguese style constructs. You can also find some decent nosh in these parts.

Macau Tower

This enormous tower building stands at 338 metres, and is a popular destination. And yes, on this theme, no one will charge you to open your eyes to take in this wonderful sight. If you’re feeling brave however, and happen to have had a decent gambling win, here you can do the world’s second highest bungee jump at 233 metres. Make sure you’re not hungover though for this. Or better still, just watch some other crazy fool take the plunge.

Visit Senado Square

The beautiful town square of Senado Square in Macau is paved in traditional Portuguese mosaics and would be a shame not to visit while in Macau . The square itself used to be the main civic square of the city when it was Portuguese colony, and now is considered the historic centre of Macau and sits firmly on the prestigious a UNESCO World Heritage Site list. You’ll get a very bizarre sense in this place of traditional Chinese culture, with a mix of European buildings and such around you.


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