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AUTHOR: Matt GD · Updated: 14th Jan 2022

American Roulette

Many people now love to play American Roulette. Although the basics of the classic casino game roulette have remained constant since its introduction more than 300 years ago, there are now a range of variations to choose from. Whilst these variations depend on where you live, the online space has made it possible to play your preferred version from the comfort of your own home. Hence, one such example of a popular roulette variation is that of the American version.

Play American Roulette Online – the overview

The game itself follows the standard wheel layout, insofar that there are 16 red numbers and 16 black numbers, which range from 1-36. However, the key difference is that there are in fact 2 ‘Green Zeros’, instead of the single zero that you will find at other versions, such as French roulette or European roulette.

In effect, this means that you are reducing your house-edge, both for inside and outside bets – more on this later.

Before we get in to the fundamentals, in the first part of our ‘Play American Roulette Online’ guide, we are going to clarify the basics.

The basics of American Roulette

Taking in to account the 36 standard numbers and the two green zeros, there are a total of 38 potential outcomes in American roulette. Once you have placed your bets, the croupier will then spin the wheel. Whilst the wheel is spinning, a silver ball will then be placed inside it. Once the wheel has stopped to a standstill and the ball has landed on a single number, the outcome of the game is determined.

Take note, if you decide to play American roulette online, you have the choice of playing it in the ‘Software’ format, or by that of a live dealer. If opting for a live dealer, you get to join other players on a single table. An actual real-world dealer will spin the wheel just like they would in a traditional land-based casino. This is really good if you want to experience the real-thing from home. Software roulette is a good option if you prefer to bet at your own pace.

Moving on, when you play American roulette online, you also have the choice of playing via your mobile phone. The vast majority of leading casino software developers have optimised their roulette games to ensure that players get an entertaining gambling experience whilst on the move.

In terms of betting choices, there are a number of options available to you. Before explaining the odds, let’s just quickly confirm how it works. When you load up your preferred roulette game, you will see a range of chip denominations. Depending on the casino, this could range from 25p, all the way up to £50. Let’s say that you want to bet £1.50 on the ball landing on ‘Red’. All you would need to do is click on the ‘25p’ chip, and then place it on the red section 6 times.

If playing the software version, you would then simply need to click on the ‘Spin’ button. Alternatively, if playing via a live dealer, the wheel is spun after a certain time-period, so keep an eye out for the countdown timer.

If your bet is a winning selection, then your winnings are instantly credited to your online casino balance. So now that we’ve covered the basics, we are now going to explore what kind of odds you can expect when you play American roulette.

What odds will I get playing roulette?

First and foremost, there is no variation in the odds that you receive when you play American roulette, to that of the version installed in real-world casinos. As such, the odds remain constant.

Your first option is to consider bets from within the ‘Outside’ segment of the table. Essentially, this covers the full range of Even money bets. This includes betting on red or black, high (19-36) or low (1-18) and even or odd. To clarify, all of these bets pay odds of Evens.

For example, if you placed a £20 bet on the ball landing on ‘Red’ and it came in, then you will receive a total of £40. This would constitute your original £20 stake, alongside the £20 profit you made on the bet,

However, it is important that you understand the role of the two green zeros. One is identified by a single ‘0’, whilst the other has a double ‘00’. This is highly fundamental, as when you play American roulette as opposed to its French or European counterparts, you are actually afforded a higher house-edge.

The house-edge is a statistical percentage that outlines the advantage that the casino has over the player. This will vary depending on the game, as well as the specific bet type. Casinos are required to install a house-edge on all of their games, otherwise they would not be able to ensure that they remain profitable long-term.

When it comes to the house-edge offered when you play American roulette, this amounts to a staggering 5.2%. The reason for this is that although you are gambling at odds of Even money, the statistical probability of the bet winning is 47.4%. As such, this provides the casino with a long-term house edge of 5.2%.

Outside of the above bets, you also have the option of betting on the specific number that the ball lands on. These are classed as ‘Inside’ bets. This can be on any of the standard 1-36 numbers, alongside the ‘0’ and ‘00’. No matter which number you decide to back, you will be afforded odds of 35/1. As such, if you place a £10 bet on the ball landing on ‘6’, and it comes in, then you will be paid out £350 in winnings, plus you £10 stake.

Once again, although you are being offered odds of 35/1, you have to remember that there is in fact a total of 38 numbers on the wheel.

American Roulette online summary

In summary, the wide-spread popularity of the American version of roulette is primarily down to its dominance in Las Vegas. However, it is crucial that you understand that the unfavourable house-edge you are being offered. This is because when you play American roulette, you have an additional green zero to contend with.

This means that, for example, if you place a bet on ‘Black’, your chances of success are reduced. In fact, when you play American roulette and gamble on an Even money outcome, you are facing a house-edge of 5.2%. In comparison, European roulette offers a house-edge of 2.8% for the same odds.

Ultimately, whilst it is entirely up you what version you opt for, we would suggest re-thinking your plan to play American roulette. Instead, take a look at what the European and even better, French versions have to offer.

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