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French Roulette

The hugely popular casino game of roulette originally grew its routes back in the 17th century. As such, it is now the hallmark game of choice in land-based casinos. However, fully in-line with the age of digitalisation, roulette is now available to play at thousands of leading online casinos. Check out our reviews page to see which is right for you.

Play French roulette online overview

Not only can you play it on your desktop computer, but online roulette is fully accessible via your smartphone or tablet device too. However, it is important to recognise that there are multiple variations of the game. This includes American roulette, European roulette and of course, French roulette.

If you are looking to play French roulette online, or want to find out how it works, we would suggest reading our guide first. In the next section, we are going to explain the basics.

The basics

Whilst there are now a wide-variety of alternatives to the underlying rules, there are some gameplay functions that remain constant. When you play French roulette, you will be accustomed to the standard wheel and ball set-up. Essentially, once players have placed their bets, the croupier will spin the wheel. Once the wheel is in full motion, the croupier will then place the ball inside the wheel. When the wheel stops, bets are paid out based on the number that the ball lands on.

French roulette has a total of 36 standard numbers, which ranges from 1-36. Within this range, there are 16 red numbers and 16 black numbers. However, on top of the 1-36 range, there is also a ‘Green Zero’. Therefore, there is actually a total of 37 numbers on the French roulette wheel.

The green zero was installed to ensure that the casino has a mathematical house-edge over the player. If you are unaware of what the house-edge is, it is important that you understand it before you play French roulette.

In a nut shell, the house-edge is the statistical advantage that the casino has over each bet. It ensures that over the course of time, the casino will always make a profit. Certain games offer better house-edges, whilst others are less favourable.

In the case of French roulette, the house-edge is significantly more favourable than other versions of the same. In short, it only has 1 green zero. On the contrary, the popular American version that you’ll find in Las Vegas actually has 2 green zeros. This effectively means that the player has a lower statistical chance of walking away a winner, not least because there are 2 green zeros to contend with.

The odds

When you play French roulette, there are a range of bets available, each with their own underlying odds. One of the most popular bets on offer is that of ‘Outside’ bets. In effect, this covers bets that offer odds of Even money. This includes the colour of the winning number (Red or Black), whether it is odd or even, or whether it is high (19-36) or low (1-18). No matter which of the aforementioned options you opt for, when you play you will be offered odds of Even money.

However, it is important to recognise that when you play you have the chance to win 50% of your stake back, should your Even money bet land on the dreaded green zero. This is highly fundamental, as such an offering is not available in either the European or American variations.

As such, this actually brings the house-edge down to 1.35% when betting on Even money positions. In comparison to European and American roulette, this is much higher at 2.8% and 5.2%, respectively.

There is one last thing to mention with respect to the 50% pay-back when an Even money bet lands on the green zero. In some rare cases, French roulette providers may install the ‘En Prison’ rule. Instead of giving you 50% of your stake back, you will instead have the same bet replicated on the next spin of the wheel. This doesn’t affect the house-edge in the slightest.

Outside of the Even money option, you can instead place ‘Inside’ bets on the specific winning number. When you play French roulette online, you’ll get 35/1 for a successful selection. For example, if you placed a £1 bet on the number ‘30’ and it came in, then you would receive £35 in winnings, alongside your original £1 stake. However, the chances of this coming in are ultra-low, which is why some players prefer to back multiple numbers.

In effect, the more numbers that you back, the higher your statistical chance of winning. However, on the contrary, this will also reduce your overall odds. To make this easier for you, you can also place a single chip that covers multiple numbers. For example, if you placed a traditional ‘Square’ bet, you would cover 4 different numbers with a single chip. Whilst this effectively boosts your chances of landing a winning number by a multiple of 4x, you also reduce your pay-out odds.

Play French roulette online summary

In summary, out of three most established roulette variations on offer, French roulette is by far the best to play. Effectively, this is all down to the underlying house-edge. Much like in the case of the European version, the French version has just 1 green zero. However, the key point here is that should the player place an Even money bet, and the ball subsequently lands on the green zero, 50% of the players’ bet is returned.

This is something that the European alternative does not offer. Moreover, when you play French roulette online, you have the choice of two formats. You can either opt for a ‘software’ format or that of a live dealer. The live dealer version allows the player to experience as close to real thing, insofar that an actual croupier spins the wheel.

On the other hand, some players prefer to play French roulette via a software dealer. This is because it allows them to play the game at their own speed. Whichever format you do choose, make sure that you consider using an online casino that offers French roulette, as it will give you the greatest statistical chance of winning!

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