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The Best Snooker Betting Sites

When the word ‘sports betting’ is mentioned, many people think football, basketball, soccer, or horse racing. You hardly ever hear people talking about snooker betting sites! If you are in this category, it is likely you do not know anything about snooker betting or what snooker is, so let us start there.

Snooker game originated from English billiards and was developed by Neville Chamberlain in the 19th century. It was commonly played by the British army at the time, and the objective of the game was to shoot ivory billiard balls into holes set on the corners of the table by hitting them with a cue ball. Hardly one to light up the new betting site scene all those years ago.

I know after that description, one might think that snooker is the pool game, but that is not the case. The difference lies in the balls. In snooker, there are 22 balls including the white striker ball, 15 red, 1 yellow, 1 pink, 1 blue, 1 green, 1 brown, and 1 black. The ordinary pool table game has 15 balls.

Snooker betting is not as popular as mainstream sports betting, but snooker betting sites are booking bets on popular snooker events such as Wold Open, Scottish Open, World Snooker Championship, Masters, UK Championship, General Cup and Champion of Champions.

Sportsbooks and top snooker betting sites, motivated by this resurgence in popularity of snooker betting, now feature major snooker events prominently on their homepages. Our snooker betting gurus have crawled the web to find the top snooker betting sites that offer real value of money and quality betting experience. So, if you are looking for safe and great snooker website, look no further than the list below.

The Resurgence of Snooker Betting

To a large extent, the recent proliferation of snooker betting sites can be attributed to Barry Hearn who made a lot of innovative changes to the game when he took over as the World Snooker Chairman. Barry is an accomplished promoter, and he has managed to globalise the game. He owns the largest shareholding in World Snooker Limited. Thanks to him, now there are snooker events in China, India, Europe and other regions of the world. There are also some welcome innovations such as the 6 red competitions and the exciting shootout.

Players are welcomes with walk-on music as they enter the game. Some popular snooker starts include Judd Trump and Ronnie O’Sullivan. Snooker has lots of emerging stars, especially in China.

How Snooker is Played

Snooker is a table game played between two contestants. The game involves striking a white cue ball (with a snooker cue) to direct it to hit the other balls into pockets. For every ball the player pockets, he or she earns points as follows:

  • Red balls = 1 point
  • Yellow = 2 points
  • Green = 3
  • Brown = 4
  • Blue = 5
  • Pink = 6
  • Black = 7

The first player breaks the pyramid of red balls using the cue and is supposed to pot the red balls first before any other ball. When a red ball is potted, then another ball with another color is pocketed. The game goes on until all the balls are pocketed.

Each player gets one turn to play. However, if one pockets the right ball, he or she gets consecutive chances until a miss occurs.  A ‘break’ is the number of points a player scores without missing, and a ‘fault’ is when a player hits the wrong ball, which inevitably results in a penalty.

Snooker, as a word, was used to insult young and inexperienced soldiers, but Chamberlain used it to describe bad snooker players.

Different Types of Snooker Bets

Just like placing a bet on any other game, you need an excellent snooker strategy to win snooker bets. There are various snooker betting markets and different strategies and tips that you can use to place winning wagers. Next, let us  start by looking at the most common snooker betting markets:

Match Bet

This is both the simplest and the most popular form of snooker betting. You place your bet with the bookmaker on the player you think will win. Snooker has an odd number of frames, which means it can only end in a win or lose; there are no draws in snooker betting. In this market, the players how is likely to win, based on historical data and other factors, is assigned smaller odds. All you have to do is pick the player you want to bet on, watch the game and hope your champion wins.

Outright Market

This is also known as futures betting. Instead of betting on the current match, you bet on a future league, tournament, or event. Alternatively, you can place an each-way bet, a bet that a player will reach the final step but will not necessarily win.

Total Frames

This is an over/under type of bet based on the number of frames played by both players. For this type of betting, it is essential to know the number of frames played in any match. For example, a Snooker Championship game may have up to 25 frames. Therefore, your predictions should either be accurate to that or in the ballpark. If the match is a walkover, then the number of frames is likely to be low and vice versa.

Handicap Betting

This is a more complicated type of snooker betting. It happens when one player is favored over another; the playing field between the two players who have different abilities. The bookmaker determines who the better player is and who the handicap one is. For example, if you bet -2.5 frames for a player, then the player must get either one or two frames for you to win.

147 Break

147 Break bets are the hardest to win because it requires the player to pot all the balls without missing a single shot for a win to occur. There are odds for this in every match, but they vary depending on the ability of the players.

Snooker Betting Tips

  • Study the form book– research the players and determine who is likely to win and the structure of the game before placing a bet. In short, make an informed decision. Do not place snooker bet randomly or blindly. Snooker is largely a game of skills.
  • Don’t Limit Yourself to the Majors – Bet On Smaller Tournaments too – smaller leagues are likely to attract favourable odds; better chances of winning.
  • Look at the Draw for the Tournament – studying the structure of the matches will give you ideas on how to place a winning bet.
  • Always Get the Best Odds – do not pick terrible odds, choose a realistic but auspicious odd that will give you good money.

Snooker Betting Summary

Snooker may not be a big betting market, but it is growing fast. You will get the best out of snooker betting when you pick a snooker betting site that provides the best odds, a variety of betting options, and valuable bonuses. Also, select a website that offers features like live streaming, betting tips, and mobile betting. The snooker betting sites on our website are hand-picked thanks to their hefty bonuses and promotions, a mélange of deposit and withdrawal options, excellent customer support, intuitive user interface and mobile-optimised sites. Pick any, register, and be on your way to enjoying high-quality and cash-rich snooker bets.

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