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How to find the best Casino Cashback Offers

Casino cashback offers are one of the best ways to recoup your gambling losses online. Much like taking out an insurance policy on your car, a cashback offer allows you to earn a percentage of your loss back in the form of a cashback rebate. Either issued by the casino directly, or a third party.

Imagine the scenario. You’re playing your favourite online slot and wagering £1,000 over the course of an evening. Either you hit big and take home a tidy profit. Or, unfortunately things don’t work out and you lose your deposit. In the second instance, the casino will offer you a percentage of your loss back in the form of cashback to reduce your overall losses. This is called casino cashback.

These cashback offers can vary in size. Some start at 5% or 10% but they can range all the way up to 20% of your loss. In our opinion it’s one of the best ways to play online because you cover yourself from losing your entire stake. Keeping you in the game and ready for your next chance.

How cashback offers work?

So how do casino cashback offers work? The fundamental principle is that the casino you’re playing with will issue you a percentage back in the form of cashback (sometime up to a certain point). An easy example is, you lose £1,000 and you are playing on an offer of 10% cashback. The casino will issue you with £100 cashback back into your balance.

Unlike welcome bonuses or welcome packages, the offers are usually available to new or existing players. Which is great news for regular punters. This is because the casino is aligned with your activity online. If you lose, while they profit, they are happy to pay you a percentage back for your loyalty and for being a good customer. As a result, these casino cashback offers often crop up within VIP programmes.

We have broken down below some of the most popular deal structures applied by online casinos. Check out the main casinos cashback types now.

Ongoing Casino Cashback Offers

The standard way to access a casino promotion is to check out the promotion section on the online casino. Either that, or speak to a contact at the casino via one of their support channels. This is where you’d expect to find the casino’s cashback offering for new and existing players.

Here you’d expect to see the Terms and Conditions of the offer, as well as any restrictions. For example, ‘Earn casino cashback every Sunday night’. This type of promotion would offer players the ability to earn cashback only at a specific time during the week. Or, as part of a wider package available to players where each day represents a new and interesting way to play.

With this in mind, take the time to understand the exact casino cashback offer that is available. As well as any restrictions. For example, a casino may stipulate that the cashback is only available on a specific day, game (e.g. blackjack) or on a particular slot. Checking this upfront is important because if you lose big on a slot or game that isn’t included in the promotion, you won’t be eligible for cashback.

Secondly, find out exactly how much cashback is on offer. As well as any caps that might be in place. Something we see often is a promotion like ‘Earn 10% cashback on all your losses at Rainbow Riches every Tuesday, up to a maximum of £50 cashback’. With this type of example, there are a couple of really important things to consider.

First off, this promotion would only be available on a Tuesday. Secondly, the cashback rate is 10% and the maximum cashback is £50. Therefore, the player can only earn cashback on £500 worth of losses, with the specific slot game (Rainbow Riches) on a Tuesday. If you play with another slot, or lose a lot more than £500 then the cashback offer will not apply.

We still think this is a great offer if you are a particular fan of the slot on offer. However, for high value players or VIPs, the restrictions can be limited. As such, look out for cashback offers that have either higher (or no cashback caps). Secondly, those that are available on a wider selection of days or on a wider selection of games.

For the ultimate unrestricted cashback offering. Contact Gambling Deals VIP PRO programme.

Wagering Requirements

The next thing players must check is the casino cashback wagering requirements. This is a really important aspect, especially if you’re taking up a brand new deal.

Wagering requirements can require players to wager the cashback they earn, in order to withdraw it. This is a very common requirement in standard welcome bonuses and definitely something to be aware of in the cashback space.

For example, if a casino offers you ‘50% cashback on all blackjack losses, up to a maximum of £10, with 2x wagering requirements’. There are a couple of things to be aware of.

Firstly, the cashback if only available on blackjack. Secondly, the total loss cashback is available on is £20 (£10 maximum cashback, divided by the cashback amount). However, once the £10 is claimed, this too needs to be wagered 2x. Unfortunately, until the cashback is wagered 2x, you cannot withdraw it and turn it into real-world funds.

We see wagering requirements popping up now and again. They’re not a bad thing but are something to be aware of upfront.

Specific Cashback Casinos

Something we are seeing more and more is the emergence of pure cashback casinos. These casinos are getting seriously popular with players as they operate in a way that allows them offer unlimited cashback on losses across the board. Pretty awesome eh?

Make sure you check the Terms and Conditions in full before signing up. However the common model that these casinos offer is that a player gets cashback on their net position at the end of each calendar month. This will be their main selling point and means that they won’t offer any other promotions of bonuses.

The way this works is that a snapshot of your account is taken at the end of the month. If you have had a great month and you are up, then no cashback is due. However if you end the month down, the casino will calculate your cashback based on your net loss. For example, say you won £10,000 at the start of the month, then lost £20,000 at the end of the month. Your net position is -£10,000. If the casino is offering 10% unlimited cashback then you will earn £1000 back into your balance. Reducing your net loss to £9000. This is pretty epic considering in a standard casino you would get nothing.

The other thing to note is that casinos usually offer no monthly carry over. As such, at the start of the new month your balance will be reset to zero. This means if you hit a £20,000 winner in Jan and a £20,000 loser in Feb. You’d still earn your 10% cashback in Feb without having to worry that your overall net position is even. Good news for regular high-stakes players. Casinos like Mr Green also offer Mr Green Casino Cashback promotions that are valid for one day during the week.

VIP Casino Cashback Offers

Casinos know who their most valuable and important customers are. As per the offline casino world, it’s the regular players who play high-stakes. They win big and they’re willing to take a risk on their favourite games. They understand the risks better than any, and know exactly what they’re doing on the online casino floor.

If you manage to get VIP-status at your favourite casino, then be sure to check out the VIP cashback deals on offer. Hook yourself up with a big cashback incentive like 15% or 20% unlimited cashback on all of your losses, cross platform. This means when you hit a losing month, you will get a % of your stake back for the following month. No questions asked.

Many casinos offer VIP cashback offers and deals. This type of deal makes sense to regular, loyal players because they’re past having to shop around the casino market for different deals every month. They know exactly what they’re looking for.

If you are a VIP player, make sure you check out the Gambling Deals VIP PRO programme. We offer unlimited cashback at some of our biggest partners. Paid into your account every month.

Gambling Deals Casino Cashback Program

So now you have fully got to grips with the casino cashback offers available, it’s time to let you in on a little secret. It’s called Gambling Deals VIP PRO and is the best casino cashback program online.

The Gambling Deals Casino Cashback program offers VIP players the ability to earn additional cashback outside of the casino. Paid directly to their bank account or e-wallet every month.

In order to qualify, players must deposit a minimum of £500 per partner every month. In return, Gambling Deals VIP will pay back up to 20% cashback on the net position with that partner at the end of the month. So if you end up £10,000 down, you will get up to £2,000 paid to your bank or e-wallet the following month. There are no wagering requirements or catches.

To get setup, apply to access our private VIP lobby. One of our VIP agents will be in touch to welcome you to the lobby and offer you the various cashback offers available. If you’re still interested, you can get signed up and play. We will then insure your bets with ongoing cashback. As mentioned, we pay up to 20% cashback depending on the casino. Therefore, it is well worth applying and getting in touch. Apply here.

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