by Marcus Lawrence on 24.05.2022

Editorial Policy

On this page you’ll find details of our content writing approach and ethos, and how it all ties into delivering a better service to you, our users.

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Editorial Policy

All Content is 100% Original

Everything written for is 100% original, edited closely for accuracy, and published to strict structural guidelines. We also continuously review the site’s content to ensure it is factual, fair, and tailored to the needs of our users.

Accurate Data

The data displayed across the site is regularly reviewed for accuracy in step with our attention to detail on content. It’s important that all of the information we deliver on-site is clear, accurate, and up to date.

Honest and Realistic Guides and Reviews

Our goal is to direct our users to gambling sites that meet their needs, and to that end we’re committed to honesty and integrity in all of our content. After all, taking a dishonest approach wouldn’t lead our users to sites they love. Whether you’re reading a guide or a review, we want our users to get an accurate account of how things stand. We are open about a gambling site’s qualities and are honest when it comes to its flaws. We’re responsible for how ywe phrase our assertions, and we never seek to mislead anyone using our site.


The core of our editorial policy is in accountability. Not only are we dedicated to accuracy, trustworthiness, and thoroughness, but we’re always on the lookout for ways to improve. If you have any queries, suggestions, or concerns about, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact page.

Responsible Gambling

We are passionate about highlighting the risks associated with gambling. Along with informing users about the warning signs of problem gambling and addiction, we’re sure to highlight the institutions that can provide impartial advice, support, and treatment. We also offer advice on steps you can take to retain control of your gambling habits. It’s important for everyone in the industry, from regulators to affiliates, to be realistic about the risks that gambling poses to public health and to ensure players and bettors are equipped with the knowledge and tools required to keep themselves safe.

The people behind this page

Online gambling content experts helped write, edit and check this page:

Marcus is Head of Content at Gambling Deals, overseeing the site's overall content development, planning, and application. Along with working to improve the site's overall quality and thereby increase its usefulness to our users, he is always looking for ways to uncover new elements of the online gambling landscape and highlight how they may benefit players. Outside work Marcus splits his time between playing basketball and chess, listening to as much music as he can, and forcing himself into the gym.

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