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AUTHOR: Matt GD · Updated: 21st Apr 2021

Best Casino Software

The best casino software on the market is developed by software providers. This is a common misconception in the casino space. Whereby many believe casinos themselves build the games that they offer out to players.

This trend began when the online casino sites industry exploded back in the early 21st century. Many casino software providers transitioned their business model from an offline focus, towards the online world. Those that didn’t innovate, struggled to compete. The best online casino providers are those that could offer amazing online slot gameplay at scale. This is even more important with the online casino space becoming more and more competitive.

There are now dozens of casino gaming software providers. They each take a different, unique approach when developing software and new slot sites. Here at Gambling Deals, home of the best Gambling Sites we take a look in a bit more detail.

Casino Software Providers

Firstly, casino software providers come in a number of shapes and sizes. Some focus on producing casino gaming software for multinational casino operators. Others focus their attention on specific niches. They keep their operations small, nimble and focused. Acting as start-ups that can react to the constantly changing nature of the online casino industry. In addition, casino software providers vary up how they build their most popular games. Some focus on only producing slot games themselves. Others focus on producing a complete range of games. Again, this comes down to how they build their operation.

The largest casino gaming software providers will often cover the entire range of gambling products. They will produce table games, video poker, slot games and more. This means they can act as a one stop shop. Especially for casinos who want to offer a diverse mix of games. All through one casino software provider. In addition, they will also host live dealer games for casinos to utilise. Player’s often believe that the dealer is sitting within the casino itself. However, the dealer is often acting for the casino software providers themselves. This is why you might see the same live dealer setup across multiple casinos.

Now that you know how the best online casino providers operate. As such, let’s dive into what you should look out for when choosing a casino. Often it comes down to the which of the best online casino providers they are working with.

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The best online casino providers: What to look out for?

Finding the best online casino providers shouldn’t take much work. Many of the biggest casinos out there host multiple software developers on their platforms. This is because they want to give you the option to play all of your favourite casino games. However, if you are looking to understand how to find the best online casino providers. Tune in below.

Best Casino Software: Graphics and User Interface

Firstly, the best online casino providers focus on providing experiential gameplay. What we mean by this is they focus on making the game super fun to play. This includes adding interactive graphics, top-notch 3D visualisation and exciting sound effects. Often they combine this with popular movie titles which they own the rights for.

There is nothing worse than playing a casino game with outdated graphics. Unless you’re looking for that, it’s not how we want to spend our time.  We like the best online casino providers who offer ultra-modern gameplay experiences for players.

Best Casino Software: RTP Percentages

In addition, the next thing that you need to look for when finding the best online casino providers is the RTP percentage. The RTP percentage stands for ‘Return-to-Player’ and indicates the statistical probability that the player will win from the slot game. It’s pretty simple. The higher the RTP percentage, the more chance you have of walking away a winner when playing the slot.

Often the RTP percentage comes down to the size of the jackpot. The best online casino providers will flex the RTP depending on the style of game. If there is a huge progressive jackpot available, then it’s likely that the RTP will be lower. On the contrary, if the slot has a higher RTP, it’s usually because the pay-outs are smaller but more frequent. It’s important to know this as a player. If you want to play high stakes, with high rewards. Take this into account.

Finally, the best online casino providers will make their RTP rates accessible at all times. Reputable providers will always show RTP as it is a mark of trust. We don’t like to see casino software providers hide this information from players.

Progressive Jackpot Prizes

The best casino software developers also understand players. Players want to win, and they want to win big. As such, the best casino software providers build games with progressive jackpots on offer. These are jackpots that progress into the millions of pounds. Offering lucky winners, the chance to change their lives. The way that the best online software developers do this, is to plug into as many casinos as possible. That way, player stakes are pooled across a wide range of casinos. These progressive jackpots build quickly and when they land, they land big. Always remember, however, that the chances of winning a progressive jackpot are vanishingly small.

Remember, casino software providers are fully regulated. As such, when these jackpots are won. They are always paid out. Let’s explore this in the next section.

Best regulated software

Casino software providers need to be fully regulated in order to compete in the space. Side to this, they need to have a gaming licence within the jurisdictions that their games are played. This gives you extra protection when playing on casino software providers games. This is because they are protected by the casino first, and the casino software provider second.

Transparency is also a very important point. The best casino software developers will have their gameplay regularly audited by third parties. Auditors check to see that the RTP levels offered to players are fair. Always living up to what is advertised to the player.

With this in mind, always remember that the best casino software providers are fully regulated. They also offer complete transparency to players with regular audits. This ensures that their games are operating legitimately and you’re getting the best protection in your gameplay.

Best slots software

Slots are no undoubtedly the most popular gambling product on the market. As such, the best casino software providers ensure that they constantly develop and innovate in the online slot space. They focus on producing a highly interactive, feature-rich slots experience for players. This in turn attracts casino operators to host their games in their casinos. The best casino software developers will focus on the player first. Packing their games full of free spins, wild symbols and other latest casino bonuses.

Secondly, the best software developers focus on offering traditional casino slot games. They also focus on plugging in to as many casinos as possible. Ensuring that progressive jackpots build quickly. Players won’t be attracted to slot games where jackpots are slow to build. Instead they will focus their attention elsewhere.

In summary, the best casino software providers will have a full gaming suite that covers all bases.

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