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The online casino space is perfect for everyone. Whether you like to flutter a few quid at the weekends, or you enjoy a monthly splash out, there is something for you. However, certain casinos are setup for a certain purpose. To attract players who like to play and bet BIG! These players sit in the ‘High-Roller’ bracket and love to play blackjack, roulette, slot machines and other casino games. Online casinos specifically cater for them by offering VIP casino programmes.

VIP casino platforms crave ‘High Roller’ VIP players because they stake so much more than the average player. What’s more, they know exactly what they like. This usually means a specific software provider or slot game. Either that, or a particular casino operator who offers an exceptional service or VIP casino offering. This means long term value for both the casino, and the VIP player. As a result, casinos offer a range of perks in order to keep them on the platform for as long as possible.

These VIP casino programmes are a brilliant way for high rollers to get the most out of a casino. If this sounds like you, read on.

What is a VIP Casino?

VIP only casinos are very hard to find and there aren’t many of them. Most VIP casinos operate in the exact same way that a standard casino would operate. Players of all sizes can try their hand in the casino. The unique part is that some casinos offer a VIP only section within the casino, that others will not. This comes in the form of a side-department or VIP lobby that is exclusively reserved for qualifying VIPs. So if you are a high-roller that loves to stake high, how do you qualify as a VIP casino player.

In order to gain access to VIP casino perks, there are a couple of things you need to do. Firstly, you need to be a loyal, regular player that sticks around for a long time. Loyalty counts for a lot in the space. Secondly, you need to stake enough for the casino to value you as a high value player, who deserves special attention. In the online casino world, money talks. This type of gameplay will naturally accrue VIP points that are used towards your application. Once you have enough VIP points, you will be invited into the VIP programme. Opening up access to the exclusive VIP casino lobby.

What Offers can I get as a VIP Casino Player?

So what happens once you’ve hit the VIP requirements and become a VIP casino player? Well you’re definitely in for a host of great perks. However, they will naturally vary between casino operators. However, there are commonalities that we’ve spotted across casino operators which we can walk you through. We’ll break these down in more detail below.

Dedicated VIP Manager

Have you ever seen those guys surrounded by staff in a Las Vegas casino? Those high-rollers get looked after by dedicated concierge teams because the Vegas casinos know that they are there with a serious agenda. To bet big and to play high stakes. Sometimes the casino wins, sometimes the player. It’s all about who can scrape the edge to take home the bounty. Regardless of the outcome, high-roller VIPs are taken care of. Their every move is assisted and any questions or concerns are answered. You can also guarantee that these VIP casino players aren’t paying for their hotel room or drinks.

This is very much the experience that an online VIP casino player will get. You will get access to a concierge available around the clock via direct telephone number, personal email and in some cases one-on-one Skype and Whatsapp chats. If you have a question, get an immediate answer. No more waiting around for a generic email address to get back to you.

Fast Withdrawals

Have you ever wondered why it takes so long to get your money out of a casino? We found that the average withdrawal time is around 48 hours. The reason for this is that each withdrawal request requires an individual verification by the payments team. This manual process, while necessary means withdrawals take time. We’re also pretty sure that the casino is giving you enough time to reverse your withdrawal to place your next wager.

This isn’t the case for VIPs though. VIP casino players get priority withdrawals that are processed within a matter of minutes or hours. This means if you need to get the cash out for a wager elsewhere. You are not restricted into waiting a couple of days. VIP casino players loved this cool feature.

Higher Stake Limits

Another great benefit for VIP casino players is a much higher wagering rights. Non-VIP players will have to settle for playing within the restrictions of the slot or table game. As such, if there is a £50 per hand maximum. That is all a non-VIP player will be able to wager. However, for a VIP the restrictions are taken away. Players can wager a lot more per hand or game. Sometimes this is completely restricted.

This is true both across live dealers and software providers too. Much like Las Vegas, there are specific VIP casino tables that only VIPs can wager at. This is another great perk for loyal, high stakes players. Don’t have VIP status, you won’t be able to get anywhere near these tables.

VIP-Centric Bonuses

Potentially our favourite VIP member benefit are VIP-centric bonuses. Unlike a standard casino bonus, VIP casino players won’t have to adhere to the same requirements to free up the cash. For example, if a bonus required a 30x turnover before it was available for withdrawal. For a VIP, this is likely to only be a 5x wagering requirement. This offer so much more flexibility for the player.

This is one of the main reasons that a VIP player will remain loyal to a casino. High wagering requirements often sink funds back into the casino. However, VIP casinos get that these players are here for the long term. That way they’re willing to give them more flexibility when it comes to their free bets.

VIP-Only Events

Another brilliant reason to become a VIP player is simple. You get invited to so many cool events. This could be anything. Either a trip to a sporting event, a visit to Las Vegas or even an annual VIP gathering somewhere exotic. VIP casino players get looked after because operators understand that splashing the cash is a great way to reward loyal players.

After all, without VIP casino players staking in their casinos. They wouldn’t be able to offer such amazing experiences for players all year round. So you deserve a little bit of TLC.

Why do Operators Love VIP Casino Members?

Any smart VIP player know what it means when we say the casino benefits from the house-edge. Over time, casinos will survive and thrive if they have more high value players staking in their casinos. However, this doesn’t mean that a high stakes VIP casino player cannot leave the virtual casino floor with a huge jackpot prize. That’s the reason this works so well both for the casino and the player. In this world of high stakes, both have a significant opportunity to win big and that is why casinos love welcoming VIP players into their casinos to try their hand.

This is also the reason that casinos are willing to take on significant bets. They know that certain VIPs will be able to get the better of them on the casino floor. However, over time the house-edge will keep their best interests protected. This is why they have the ability to offer aggressive VIP casino promotions to their best players. Side to this, if they don’t. Then VIP players will quickly scoot off to their competitors where another amazing VIP casino offering is on the table.

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