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by Alice Soule on 28.07.2022

32Red Promotions

There’s much reported on the welcome bonuses available for new casino site customers, but generally less discussion about the deals for existing players. On this page, we’ll focus on 32Red, outlining exactly what’s available for loyal customers at this top casino site. 

Founded back in 2000 and now sitting pretty as the winner of several Best Casino awards spanning the last ten years, 32Red doesn’t disappoint with its selection of welcome offers available for new customers. However, what’s in store for those existing players who are loyal to the site? Well, thankfully they’re taken care of equally well with a loyalty scheme, alongside a high roller club specifically designed for gamblers with larger wagering budgets.

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32Red Promotions


Let’s take a closer look at some of the specifics. 

Promotions Explained

When anyone mentions casino promotions, the natural assumption is that we’re talking about welcome bonus offers. But once you’ve used up these initial offers, the best betting sites will have another trick up their sleeves to ensure loyal customers remain exactly that. The types of promotions that we’re looking at on this page are the less commonly covered bonuses and offers, the ones available to existing customers.

At Gambling Deals, we think these offers are a vitally important element to consider when selecting your preferred gambling site — we want customers to be looked after in the long term, and not just given an initial treat for joining before swiftly being forgotten about. 

What do we mean when we talk about promotions? Well, this can cover any benefit or offer that’s exclusively available to existing customers. Included in this can be pretty much anything: loyalty programmes, bonuses, VIP schemes, boosted odds, and even prizes. Throughout this review, we’ll highlight the areas of strength — as well as things to be mindful of — while unpicking the different promotions available at 32Red so you can decide if it’s the site for you. 

Promotions at 32Red

32Red has been around for over 20 years, offering an online poker room, a vast selection of bingo, traditional table games, and even a sports betting arm built on the Global Betting Exchange. Over the years, it’s built its place as one of the most established and trustworthy casino sites available, and has even found its name on Premier League team Aston Villa’s shirts between 2006 and 2008, and those of the slightly less glamorous Swansea City from 2008 to 2011.

Due to the site’s expansive selection of online games and the community feel of the site, it’s fair to say that customers are treated well at the ground level. Add to that an equally impressive range of promotions, and you might start to understand why people choose to stick around. Let’s take a look at what’s on offer if you choose to stay with 32Red. 

Red Ruby Rewards

When visiting the 32Red site, a promotions tab is clearly visible at the top left of the home page. This promotions page details the Red Ruby Rewards scheme, which allows you to start earning loyalty points known as Red Rubies from your very first bet. These can be redeemed for casino chips once you have a total of at least 1,000. 

Participation in this scheme is by invitation only, and those lucky enough to be selected are informed via the notifications section of their account. We aren’t entirely sure of the criteria, but the site requests applications via telephone or email.

Once you’re in and have amassed 1,000 Red Rubies, the process to redeem them is easy and can even be completed via your mobile device. Simply click on the ruby symbol or the ‘R’ at the top of your current game and you’re done! 1,000 Red Rubies equals ten casino chips — although it’s not entirely what each chip is worth.

As a fairly established reward system that’s unique to 32Red, we can’t imagine this promotion is going to disappear any time soon. Due to the invitational nature of participation, we can only guess that the team intends to keep it going for the long run.

In our opinion, is this promotion really worth it? Yes, we absolutely think it is. It’s a great way to squeeze some extra value out of your bankroll when you play at 32Red. The Red Ruby Rewards system is tiered, beginning with a Bronze level once you hit 50 Red Rubies. At this level, you’ll get perks such as a birthday bonus of 1,000 Rubies. Jump up a few notches and you’ll reach the Platinum level, achievable with 10,000 Rubies, and a requirement of obtaining 5,000 more in order to stay here. 

Naturally, the higher tiers offer better rewards — perks at Platinum level include things such as 20% bonus points as well as a birthday gift of 5,000 Rubies. It’s worth noting that if you want to gain birthday bonuses, there is the requirement to log in on your birthday. Fail to do so and these extra Red Rubies will pass you by for another year. 

On the whole, this loyalty scheme is simple to understand and potentially quite rewarding, so it’s definitely worth considering if you’re a regular and consistent player. It compares well to its compatriots, such as CasinoFriday’s Spinbooster and EnergyCasino’s EnergyPoints, which follow a similar structure of gaining points and climbing up the levels for rewards. Equally, Red Ruby Rewards can be personalised to a certain extent, so players can tailor it to their own unique style of play.

Club Rouge

This club is for the high rollers only, maintaining an aura of VIP exclusivity around it. It’s only available by invitation and is considered the level above Platinum in the Red Ruby Rewards loyalty scheme. At Club Rouge, you can gain some truly top-class perks, such as exclusive lounge access and invites to top sporting events.

To be honest, we feel that 32Red keeps Club Rouge a little bit secretive, perhaps in an attempt to make it more alluring. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can make the expectations on you as a player a little unclear — there aren’t many details on how you qualify to be considered a member of Club Rouge. We’re assuming it relates to wagering levels, as a continuation of Red Ruby Rewards.

What we do know are some of the rewards members of Club Rouge have previously received, including things like a private box at Old Trafford, Centre Court tickets at Wimbledon, Grand National VIP hospitality, and dinners at world class restaurants. This level of special treatment is what many online gamblers dream of reaching. It’s a radically different reward than the usual bonuses that simply allow you another shot at a game or your cash back following a loss. It’s far more aspirational, and definitely something we’d love to be party to.

We also think 32Red’s Club Rouge matches up to the likes of other top casinos’ VIP clubs, such as EnergyCasino’s, which is also invitation only. It feels special and unique, with the details being more secretive than the likes of Unibet and Bet365, two of the biggest sites which also offer decent VIP schemes. To apply, the website asks you to enquire via email or telephone, and it functions in a similar way to Red Rubies Rewards. We’d debate the rewards are slightly better at EnergyCasino — for example, you’re able to exchange EnergyPoints for cash with no wagering requirements. 

Thankfully, there are no unexpected terms and conditions related to Club Rouge, merely the standard rules that most sites ask you to abide by. Rubies expire after 90 days, which is a decent amount of time. This promotion is also only available to one person per household.

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