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AUTHOR: Nikita Mittal · Updated: 4th Jul 2023

Revealed: UK’s Top 10 Most Hated Online Casino Sites for 2023

Online casinos have become massively popular among countless players in the UK. The success of this industry has led to plenty of casino sites entering the market as the number grows each year. But with so many casino platforms out there, players in the UK must be very cautious.

UK’s top 10 most hated online casino sites

Joining a safe and reliable casino site means that your money and personal data are always secure, you enjoy smooth and quick payments, and the overall user experience will be top-notch. On the other hand, unreliable casino sites are riddled with many issues, such as poor customer support, frequent issues with withdrawals, or not even having a valid license.

If you want to avoid such questionable casino sites, we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll list the top 10 most hated online casinos in the UK so you can stay away from them. Interested to know what they are? Then read on till the end.

Overview of the Top 10 Most Hated Online Casino Sites in the UK

Here’s our pick for the worst casinos in the UK, which all players should avoid at all costs.

1. Captain Jack Casino 

Year Established: 2010 

Starting with Captain Jack Casino, which has a poor reputation for its extremely slow payments. On, there are several complaints, most related to withdrawal delays. The bright side is that all complaints have been resolved, meaning their management team is active and responsive. But that’s no excuse for unreliable payment systems. 

Overall, Captain Jack Casino is not a rogue casino or blacklisted, and has a valid license. But you’d better avoid this platform if you don’t want to wait weeks or even months to receive a withdrawal. 

2. Cool Cat Casino

Year Established: 2002 

Although it has been around for more than 20 years, Cool Cat Casino has some red flags right away. First, it is owned by the Virtual Casino Group, which has a notorious reputation for shady practices in the iGaming industry. Secondly, there is no info about the casino’s license on their official site. Their FAQ section simply means that they are a licensed casino but doesn’t specify which authority has granted them the license. 

There are also multiple reports from players mentioning that the casino refused to pay their withdrawals, with little to no help from customer support. Some accounts were even allegedly closed with fake accusations of having multiple accounts. Safe to say that this is a casino UK players should stay away from. 

3. Raging Bull Casino 


Year Established: 2014 

Here’s another casino that has multiple payment-related complaints on Most have been resolved, with only a few rejected or unresolved complaints. But it’s enough to indicate that Raging Bull casino causes withdrawal problems regularly for players. Players have also reported that customer support is terrible, and they keep asking for additional documents to process withdrawals. 

Whether the casino is deliberately scamming players off their money or simply having a poor payment system, both are equally strong reasons to steer clear from Raging Bulls casino. 

4. Casino Fiz 

Year Established: 2012 

Casino Fiz also has a few player complaints about slow withdrawals and non-payments. It has a valid license from Curacao Gaming Authority but has been blacklisted by various casino review and aggregator platforms for its negligent administration and lack of proper regulations. Their game library is also unimpressive, with a small collection of a few hundred games. And while there haven’t been direct reports of poor customer service, they don’t seem to be much help when players face serious issues. 

This casino isn’t the worst of the bunch, but we doubt you can enjoy a pleasant user experience here, so it’s best to skip this one. 

5. Osiris Casino 

Year Established: 2014 

Osiris Casino, or the company they were operating under – AffPowers – has faced allegations of unethical SEO practices and offering pirated games on their casinos. To make matters worse, we couldn’t find any reliable info about their license, neither on the casino site nor through any other sources. Its simple and appealing design and interface may fool users, but this is definitely an online casino that is strongly linked to shady operations. 

6. Lucky 18 Casino 

Year Established: 2008 

Here’s a peculiar one – Lucky 18 casino is technically not even an online casino anymore, as it was shut down in 2012. There were suspicions about this casino’s credibility right from the start, and their fraudulent activities eventually caught up to them, leading to the casino’s closure. 

So why have we still included Lucky 18 Casino in this list? For one simple reason – the casino website is still up and running with an expired SSL certificate. All links on the site redirect to some other online casino site, which also seems unreliable and riddled with complaints. That’s enough reason to never step foot on this active website of a casino that closed a decade ago. 

7. Mighty Slots Casino 

Year Established: 2005 

Mighty Slots casino is an unlicensed, rogue casino. And it’s not too hard to see – the site design and interface are very unprofessional, and they don’t even have an about page or credible information about the casino and the team behind it. Nowhere on the website is it even mentioned that they have a license. We researched more to discover that this casino is a part of the Curgam N.V group, known for other casinos that have ripped off players and even been blacklisted. 

8. Dendera Casino 

Year Established: 2009 

This is one casino that can actually manage to fool many players. The site looks very professional with sleek graphics and design, and they hold are licensed and regulated by the Curacao government. However, there is no proof of whether they hold a license from the UK Gambling Commission too, which raises doubts about their legality in the UK. There have been a few reports of withdrawal delays and refusals too. These are all good reasons to avoid this casino. 

9. Lake Palace Casino 

Year Established: 2006 

Lake Palace is another online casino that looks legit at first glance. The site is clean and well-designed, and it’s a licensed casino. But there have been reports of financial foul play by the casino management in the past and unethical practices in their affiliate program. Currently, there aren’t a lot of big red flags, but plenty of minor reports online highlight various issues with the casino’s quality of service. The casino is still operational, but the top casino aggregator sites, including have blacklisted it. 

10. Noble Casino 

Year Established: 2009 

Noble Casino is a downloadable online casino, meaning you must install its software on your computer rather than play directly from the browser. It is a part of the Playtech Casinos group; the main problem is that its parent company has been unresponsive towards complaints and queries for quite a while now. Evidently, the team behind this casino is somewhat incompetent in addressing player issues, which alone is a strong factor in avoiding registering and playing at Noble Casino.

Factors for Evaluating Online Casino Sites 

The 10 casinos listed above are most disliked in the UK for reasons you are now aware of. But there are many other rogue and unreliable casinos, and we can’t list them all. That is why we’ll highlight some key factors to consider when evaluating online casinos, so that you can distinguish legit, trustworthy ones from the notorious ones. 

  • License: The first and obvious point is to browse the website for their licensing details. Websites that do not display this information or beat around the bush are almost always rogue sites that do not have a license. 
  • Payment issues: The most common problem with bad casino sites is their payment system. Check online reviews for a casino before you join, and if you can see a fair amount of withdrawal complaints from other players, it’s best not to join such a platform. Talking about payments, you should also check all the payment methods a casino supports in advance. And make sure you can use one or more of those methods without issue. 
  • Game Collection and Providers: The best online casinos always feature massive game libraries with diverse games from reputed providers. Playing in a casino that has very limited games will ultimately spoil your gaming experience. 
  • Security and Privacy: Always review the security and privacy policy of a casino site before joining. You must ensure they safeguard your personal and financial data and implement high-grade encryptions and a valid SSL certificate. 
  • Customer Support: Poor customer support will make your problem even worse rather than solving it. Not every casino site is perfect, but at least if the customer support is strong, it leaves a positive mark on the players. Again, check online reviews of any casino site to see what other people have to say about their support. Are the staff hard to reach and unresponsive when contacted? Do they address your issues or simply keep you running in circles with unnecessary documentation? 

So the next time you’re unsure about a casino site, look for all these points, and we’re sure that you will be able to decide which casino sites are safe and reliable. 


With our list of the UK’s top 10 most hated online casinos, you now know which casino sites you must avoid. Always remember that casino sites require personal and financial information; you must also trust them with your money. That is why you must thoroughly research before registering for any online casino. Check user reviews and run a company background check to analyze its reputation in the iGaming industry. Casino gaming is fun and rewarding, but only if you’re playing on reputed and trustworthy platforms. So stay safe, be vigilant, and enjoy your favorite games only at the best online casinos in the UK.

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