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AUTHOR: Nikita Mittal · Updated: 5th Jun 2023

6 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Slingo

Slingo, the crossover of Bingo and slot games, is gaining huge popularity in online casinos. To name a few, Slingo Extreme, Slingo Rainbow Riches, and Slingo Showdown are some of the most popular slingo games.

Fun Facts about Slingo 

Here are some of the lesser-known facts about Slingo that would be fun to learn. 

6 fun facts about Slingo 

The origin of Slingo 

The origin of Slingo dates back to the year 1950 when Sal Falciglia, then semi-retired, decided to create a game for the TV while on a plane back to Paris. Sal and his family have been gambling in the casino space for long. Sal, himself, was a high roller. He kept imagining how Bingo could be tied to a slot machine. He was encouraged by his brother, Craig. By the time they reached home, Sal wanted a 5-reel slot machine because a Bingo ticket has 5 columns. Once they came up with the rough sketch and applied the prototype to the slot machine, it worked. They decided to release its computer prototype. Sal met his programmer friend and got it programmed. His friend was the one who suggested it take it to AOL. The rest is history.  

There are multiple Slingo game types and varieties available 

Before Slingo became part of modern-day online casinos, it was part of console, mobile, and even computer games. It was also available on Facebook games.  

The very first computer version dates back to 1998, known as Slingo CD-ROM by Hasbro Interactive. A lot of versions were released after that, known as Slingo Supreme and Slingo Quest. You can also find Slingo machines at popular land-based casinos like Caesars Atlantic City, Paris Las Vegas casino hotel, and more.  

Even on online casinos, you can find Slingo based on different themes like Monopoly Slingo, based on the popular board game Monopoly; Slingo Starburst, based on the popular slot game Starburst; Baking Bonanza based on sweet Slingo Originals and many more.   

Luring Slingo jackpots 

Though Slingo jackpots aren’t yet as popular as slot jackpots, if you keep an eye on GamblingDeals, you will come across slingo jackpots from time to time.  

Jackpots help you win big, just like lottery tickets. Once in a while, jackpots give away the large amount of money that attracts players towards it.  

Popular Slingo games like Slingo Extreme are known for giving out massive jackpots of £50,000. Similarly, Slingo Fortunes allows its players to win a jackpot of £100,000. To increase your chances, you must sign up for an online casino with Slingo games that give up huge jackpots. How to find such an online casino? Just stay connected with GamblingDeals.  

Celebrities and famous personalities are die-hard fans of Slingo 

Not sure about the celebrities, but many Slingo games are based on popular movies. Gladiator, the Mummy to Showdown, and many slingo games are inspired by movie characters and themes. You can play the popular Slingo Centurion Slingo game by Slingo Originals to reminisce about the Gladiator movie.  

Impact of the technology on Slingo game evolution 

The Slingo game has evolved a lot in the past few decades. From being played on AOL to being an essential part of online casinos, Slingo has come a long way. It is one of those games that were made available on every sort of device. From computer systems to consoles, handheld devices to being part of online casinos, Slingo has been evolving for the past 25 years.  

Being available on online casinos has made accessing Slingo even smoother. No need to set your console or stay stuck to your computer system to play Slingo. You can access it on mobiles and tablets to play on the go.  

Popular slingo tournaments and competitions you didn’t know about 

Unlike in the past, playing Slingo is more engaging and exciting through tournaments and competitions. Slingo tournaments come with a prize pool divided amongst the top 10 players. The tournament goes on for weeks and months, wherein players compete against each other to reach the top of the leaderboard. The player who collects the most points by winning and betting more can climb the leaderboard.  

Players can check the promotions or tournament section within the online casino to get access to popular tournaments.

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