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AUTHOR: Nikita Mittal · Updated: 12th Jul 2023

How to Find the Best Sports Betting Offers for New and Existing Customers

Sports betting has become quite popular in recent years. From live bets to accumulator bets, sports betting operators are making sure to keep it interesting and exciting.

With higher odds, higher risks, and greater returns, legal online sports betting has established a net worth of over $100 billion. The offers and promotions play an important part in attracting players from around the world.

But how can you take the best advantage of sports betting offers? Let’s figure it out.

Find the Best Sports Betting Offers

Understanding Sports Betting Offers

The first prerequisite is a good understanding of what sports betting offers. Each sports betting platform has betting offers which can be accessed through the Promotions tab. Some of the common types of sports betting offers include:

Welcome bonuses

Most sports betting sites provide bonus bets as part of the welcome bonus. You need to make a minimum first deposit to get a bonus bet and then utilize it to place a bet on selected sports.

  • Pros: Get a head start on your favorite sport
  • Cons: Subject to time limits, sports exclusions

Insurance bets

This special offer is unique to sports betting only and allows users to insure their bet money. You get a part of it refunded if you lose a bet. Cashout bonuses also work similarly.

  • Pros: Reduces your bet losses
  • Cons: Subject to game restrictions

Accumulator bonus

A rare appearance, but some sports betting sites also offer accumulator bonuses. As per this, the more selections in your accumulator bet, the greater the bonus.

  • Pros: Increases your bonus if you win the bet
  • Cons: Subject to bet type restrictions, sports restrictions, and other exclusions

Payout offer

A payout offer gives you an early payout if your chosen team is ahead (in goals, runs, legs etc). In the case of multiple selections, the particular selection will be treated as the winner.

  • Pros: Get a win assurance on the placed bet
  • Cons: Bet qualifying restrictions may apply

Regardless, reading the terms and conditions before opting for any sports betting offer is always important. Not all betting offers come with unfair terms and conditions. Take due notice if the offer applies to your favorite sport. Also, understand the potential risks and rewards associated with the offer.

How to Compare Sports Betting Offers

It’s nearly impossible to compare the different sports betting offers available at different sports betting platforms all by themselves. As a smarter and better move, you can take the help of tools and resources that compare sports betting offers on your behalf.

Various competitor sites, review sites, rating sites, and even guides provide a full overview and comparison of different sports betting offers under a single roof.

You can search by keywords like ‘comparison of the best/top sports betting offers on UK betting sites’ to compare the best sports betting offers. Such sites highlight fair and unfair terms and conditions and help you make an informed decision.

Researching Reputable Bookmakers

Another way to ensure you opt for the best sports betting offers is to register with only licensed and regulated bookmakers. To find this out, always scroll down to the site’s footer and look for details like the license number, regulatory authority, and other valid operating statuses.

Other considerations to make when choosing a reputable bookmaker include:

  • Available markets: The betting site should not only include a variety of sports, but it should also cover betting options on various available markets, like different leagues, tournaments, and competitions.
  • Competitive odds: The odds should be favorable and competitive to make the betting fun and rewarding.
  • User experience: A good user experience not only comes from a good website design and easy navigation but also from good customer care and good returns. Learn more about the user experience by reading the bookmaker’s reviews online.

New Customer Offers

If you are a new customer, we suggest you immediately look for the welcome bonus on the site, even before signing in.

Go to the promotions and offers section of the sports betting website, and usually, the very first promotion is the welcome bonus. It may be labeled as a ‘new account offer,’ ‘new player offer,’ ‘first-time user bonus,’ and so on.

The only way to recognize a good welcome offer is through its terms and conditions. You necessarily don’t have to read it all. Just focus on the below conditions:

  • Wagering requirement: The lower the wagering requirement, the better.
  • Minimum deposit: Similarly, the lower the minimum first deposit, the better. A no-deposit bonus is a plus.
  • Time limits: Look at the time limit under which the wagering requirement will be completed. Also, consider the time limit within which bonus money can be utilized.

Bonus Bets and Enhanced Odds

Another important ingredient of the best sports betting offer is bonus bets and enhanced odds.

Bonus bets are bets that are offered for free. The player must not use real money to bet on such offers.

Enhanced odds, on the other hand, are boosted odds on a given event. For instance, if the odds in a horse racing event are 3/1, the operator would provide 4/1 odds as part of enhanced odds. This means you can take extra winnings home if you win a bet.

Do NOT miss out if you see these offers in the promotions section. However, as a general rule, look at the terms and conditions.

For bonus bets, it’s important to know the sports for which bonus bets are applicable. Look at the minimum odds, cash-out availability, opting required, betting market applicability, and other restrictions.

Similarly, enhanced odds offers apply to specific betting markets and sometimes even specific betting types.

You should also be careful about the depositing method. Such offers in the UK are mostly available to players making deposits through debit cards only.

Loyalty Programs and Existing Customer Offers

Loyalty programs and rewards are most beneficial for existing customers. A loyalty program, as the name suggests, is for loyal customers that place a minimum amount of bet every week, month, or year.

Some of the basic requirements of loyalty schemes include:

  • Opting in for the loyalty program
  • Placing qualifying bets (which differ from bookmaker to bookmaker); winning the bet isn’t necessary.
  • Receiving special gifts, rewards, bonuses, bonus bets, and more as part of the loyalty scheme.

You should be a frequent bettor to take full advantage of such rewards, VIP programs, and offers. You should keep tabs on the latest offers and not miss the chance to opt-in. Having a mobile app for the same sports betting app helps you get notified of such special offers.

Tips for Maximizing Sports Betting Offers

Here are some quick tips for maximizing your sports betting offer benefits:

Timing your bets well

If you have registered on a sports betting platform and are willing to place bets, why not time your bets to match the requirements of existing promotions and offers?

For instance, if you are about to place a £20 bet on horse racing with random odds, why not look at the promotions section and see if your bet can be clubbed with any related offer? This way, you can maximize the chances of getting bonus bets and better returns, making betting more rewarding and exciting.

Reading terms and conditions

Reading the terms and conditions and understanding them is vital to time your bets well. This will ensure you place bets with the right odds on the right betting market and using the right bet type.

Though most sports betting offers and promotions providing bonus bets, cashback, and accumulator bonuses are feasible and don’t require much from your end. However, there is no need to go above and beyond to fulfill the requirements of the offer if it doesn’t match your interests and budget.

Keeping an eye on exclusive offers and promotions

Some of the offers and promotions are too good to miss out on. To ensure you don’t miss out on exciting new promotions and offers, subscribe to their newsletter (opt-in is available during the signup process), follow them on their social media channels, download their mobile app (if available), and turn on app notifications.

All these ways will ensure you never miss out on attractive promotions and offers that would pique your interest.


By now, you should have a fair amount of ideas on approaching a sports betting website as a new customer. The above tips are also helpful for existing customers to make the most of their sports betting experience.

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