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Bloodsuckers Slots

Launched by software developers NetEnt, Block Suckers Slot is a leading slot game hosted by a significant number of online casinos. Fully in-line with the name of the game, the Blood Suckers Slot theme is based on an eerie Vampire. On top of non-stop horror-centric sound effects, the Blood Suckers Slot contains a range of scary symbols.

Bloodsuckers RTP overview

This includes a plethora of ‘un-dead’ Vampires, both male and female. Furthermore, there are also symbols represented by a bible held afloat by a silver cross, a clove of garlic, a magic potion and a bow and arrow!

In terms of the Blood Suckers Slot layout, there are a total of 25 paylines that feature across 5 standard reels. The Bloodsuckers RTP (Return-to-Player) is set at an industry-leading 98%, which is practically unheard of in the online slot space. As a result, you can expect frequent wins to keep your bankroll ticking along.

Whilst higher than usual house-edges normally result in minimal jackpots, this isn’t the case with the Bloodsuckers RTP. This is because the total jackpot is fixed at 7,500 coins. With a maximum coin value of £0.20, this amounts to a possible jackpot of £1,500.

NetEnt are well-known for ensuring that they optimise their games across multiple devices, and they haven’t let the team down with the Blood Suckers Slot game. It is available to play across Android and iPhones, covering both mobiles and tablets.

So now that you have a good idea of what the game does, as well as the underlying Bloodsuckers RTP, we are now going to look at the bonus department.

Blood Suckers Slot Screen

Features, specials and symbols in Bloodsuckers Slots

If an ultra-high Bloodsucker RTP combined with a maximum jackpot of 7,5000 coins wasn’t enough, you’ll also be pleased to know that there are a good range of bonuses on offer to keep you entertained.

Firstly, the wild symbols are represented by an image of a Vampire biting the neck of his victim. They substitute all Blood Suckers Slot symbols apart from the bonus and scatter symbols, which comes as no surprise. However, the wilds are even more notable in the Blood Suckers Slot game, as landing 5 in a single payline awards the top prize of 7,500 coins.

They also constitute the second lowest win, which sees 2,000 coins awarded when 4 fall in to line.

In total, there are two potential feature rounds on offer. The first Blood Suckers Slot feature is activated when 3 or more ‘Scatter’ symbols land anywhere in view. The symbols are represented by an ‘Evil Bride’ that is covered in blood.

Regardless of whether you get 3, 4 or 5 scatters in view, you are only awarded 10 free spins. During the Blood Suckers Slot free spins round, all subsequent wins are multiplied by a factor of 3x.

The second bonus game on offer is activated when 3 or more bonus symbols land on a single payline. The symbol has 2 blood-covered axes inside it, with the BONUS logo beneath it. Netent have made this particular Blood Suckers Slot bonus round highly interactive, which is great for those that crave non-stop action.

Once activated, you are required to select a coffin. The coffin will either contain a Vampire that subsequently squirts blood, or nothing but a couple of bats. Every time you get the Vampire, your cash prize increases in value. On the contrary, by landing 3 individual bat-containing coffins, the game ends and your total prize is tallied up.

All in, Netent have done a tremendous job with their Blood Suckers Slot bonus department, which will please those that opt for feature-rich games.

How to play Bloodsuckers?

Now that we’ve presented an overview of the Blood Suckers Slot, alongside the availability of bonuses and features, we are now going to show you how to get started. As Netent have a very strong presence in the online casino space, you should have no issues finding a platform that hosts the Blood Suckers Slot game.

Once you have the game up on screen, you will firstly need to determine your stake sizes. It is important to note that you cannot adjust the amount of paylines in place, as this is fixed to 25. In order to choose how much you want to bet, you need to toggle the green buttons next to ‘Coin Value’

The lowest possible coin value is £0.01, with the highest set at £0.20. Your total bet size per spin is then determined by your coin value, multiplied by 25 paylines.

However, before you spin the reels, you also have the option to increase your ‘Level’. Netent introduced the level option to enhance the possibility of landing a big win. This of course comes at a cost, and there are 4 levels in total.

If at any point you are unsure as to how much you are staking on the Blood Suckers Slot, take a look at the very bottom of the screen. You should see a ‘Bet’ tag, which displays the total amount being staked per spin in pounds and pence.

Once you are happy with your pre-defined bet size, click on the ‘Spin’ button. This is the most central button in the control board, and it has a ‘refresh’ sign inside it.

Alternatively, at the very left hand side of the Blood Suckers Slot screen you should see the ‘Auto’ button. If you click it, you can choose to have the reels spun automatically, up to a maximum of 1,000 times.

Other than that, there is nothing else that you need to be made aware of. If at any point you do want further guidance, simply click on the green ‘i’ button. This will give you a full overview of each bonus round, as well as a pay table for each symbol.

Bloodsuckers RTP summary

In summary, our ‘Bloodsuckers RTP’ review found that this particular Netent title offers a highly interactive gaming experience. The developers have combined ultra-impressive graphics with spooky sound effects, resulting in a slot game that intends on keeping the player entertained. This is further amplified when you take in to account the depth of bonuses and features that the Blood Suckers Slot provides.

Putting the player experience to one side, the main selling point to the game is the fact that the Bloodsuckers RTP is set at a remarkable 98%. This is huge! On top of that, there is also a top jackpot prize on offer of 7,500 coins. Ultimately, this offers the player a competitive house-edge that should hopefully be kind to long-term bankroll levels.

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