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Millionaire Genie Slots

Millionaire Genie Slot is a hugely popular online slot game that offers a progressive jackpot. The underlying software was created by Random Logic, who are a subsidiary of 888 Casino. As a result, it is only available to play at sister-platforms of 888 Casino.

Millionaire Genie slot overview

Magical Genie’s game theme is based on a magical Genie that is set during Arabian times. Sound familiar? Well, there are a lot of similarities to the classic Disney story of Aladdin! This is true both for the music and the graphics. Plenty of Arabian-inspired sound effects and genie’s featuring throughout.

There are a total of 15 paylines available across 5 individual reels. The Millionaire Genie Slot has an RTP (Return-to-Player) of 95.02%, and it is fully optimized for mobile usage. This includes both Android and iPhone devices.

The main selling point of the Millionaire Genie Slot is exactly what it says on the tin. You have the chance to become an overnight millionaire, should you hit the progressive jackpot.

The slot’s pay-out symbols start by showing the standard 10-A range which identify the lowest level of win. For the larger wins, this consists of a Genie lamp, bag of coins, green emerald, magic carpet and a spell book. You must get 3 or more symbols in a single payline to win its respective prize, as is standard in the online slots space.

The amount of bonuses and features available within the Million Genie Slot game is significant in size, which we will explore in more detail below.

Millionaire Genie Slot Screen

Features, specials and symbols

In order to give you a clear idea as to the range of bonuses available within the Millionaire Genie Slot, we have broken them down one-by-one. The ‘MG’ logo identifies the ‘Wild’ symbols that exist in the Million Genie Slot. We love that you can swap them with any symbol apart from the scatter and bonus symbols. You can’t win with a wild symbol on its own but they combine with other main symbols (scatter and bonus) to pay out wins.

The scatter symbol in Millionaire Genie Slot is represented by the face of the blue Genie, and has the ‘Scatter’ logo above it. If you manage to land 3 or more, you automatically trigger the free spins feature. The amount of free spins on offer is between 8 and 13.

The Millionaire Genie Slot also offers the chance to land a ‘Sticky Wild’ symbol during the free spins round, which remain in place until the feature is over. We love that you have a decent chance of hitting a big win when you lock a sticky symbol in place. Make sure that when you lock a sticky symbol, you pay extra close attention.

The next feature available within the Millionaire Genie slot is that of the bonus symbols. To activate the 2-round feature, land 3 or more bonus symbols anywhere on screen. It’s that simple.

Firstly, you need to choose 1 of the 3 Belly Dancers on screen. Each one has a random multiplier. Next, you then need to choose a Golden Goblet. Each one also has a hidden multiplier contained within it. These multipliers are then calculated against a cash prize, which again is random in nature.

In terms of the main progressive jackpot, there are no symbols required to win it. In fact, there is no associated bonus or feature round either. Instead, the Millionaire Genie Slot progressive jackpot is randomly awarded on the spot!

So now that we’ve covered the main features available within the Millionaire Genie Slot game, we are now going to show you how to play it!

How to play Millionaire Genie slots?

Your first port of call is to find an online casino that hosts the Millionaire Genie Slot. As the underlying software was created by Random Logic, your options are somewhat limited. However, this does include leading platforms such as 888 Casino and Foxy Casino.

One you have the Millionaire Genie Slot game loaded, you need to set your betting parameters. Look out for the ‘Bet’ button, which is located in-between the ‘x75’ and ‘Bet Max’ buttons. Every time you click it, the bet size will increase in value. The minimum coin value is £0.10 per line, going all the way up to £10.

We love the automatic total spin stake calculation that lists next to the ‘Total Bet’ tag. Players see their total ‘Coin Value’ multiplied by the amount of paylines at all times. The maximum value is 15 at any one time.

According to the Millionaire Genie Slot pay table section, your chances of landing the progressive jackpot are amplified with a higher stake size. Nevertheless, to spin the reels, simply click on the ‘Spin’ button.

As per usual, there is also an auto play option, which spins the reels on your behalf. If you do utilise the auto play option, the Millionaire Genie Slot goes back in to manual mode when you hit a bonus or feature that requires interaction.

To the very left of the slot layout, you can view the total amount the progressive jackpot is currently paying.

Other than that, there is nothing else you need to know about the Millionaire Genie Slot. Although it may seem that there is a lot going on, not least because of the sheer number of bonuses on offer, gameplay is rather straightforward.

If at any time you are unsure of something, the ‘Pay Table’ button explains how each symbol, bonus and feature works.

Millionaire Genie Slot summary

In conclusion, we think that the team at Random Logic have done a good job with the Millionaire Genie Slot. The game is perfect for those that like to combine an array of bonuses and features with that of a progressive jackpot.

We love slot games that allow you to win big, and Millionaire Genie Slot is no different. Winning players hit jackpots often exceeding the million pound mark.This makes up for the fact that the slot is only available at Random Logic partnered sites. As a result, you could become an instant millionaire by hitting the randomly awarded jackpot!

Although the underlying graphics are somewhat basic, this isn’t the be-all and end-all for the Millionaire Genie Slot. There is enough going on to keep the end-to-end gaming experience exciting, without the need for ultra-advanced visualisations.

All in all, if you want a feature-rich slot game that offers the chance to walk away with a life changing amount of money, we would definitely recommend giving the Millionaire Genie Slot a try!

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