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The Invisible Man Slots

Leading casino software developer NetEnt created The Invisible Man slot as a highly interactive video slot created. NetEnt have a strong passion for creating movie-based slot games. The Invisible Man slot is just as visual as other NetEnt titles. Despite this, if you are yet to see the 1933 movie hit, you’ll soon pick up the gist of the plot from the gaming theme.

The Invisible Man slot overview

In a nutshell, the theme is based on a scientist who is engaged in a life-long journey. This journey focuses around his desire to create a protocol that will allow people to turn invisible. In order to test out his formula, the scientist tests it out on himself. Surprising to some, this evidently results in success! The Invisible Man slot brings all of the scientist’s trials and tribulations to life through state of the art 3D graphics and innovative sound effects.

NetEnt have designed The Invisible Man slot with a total of 20 paylines, available across 5 reels. The RTP (Return-to-Player) sets at 96.4%. This means players have a reasonable statistical chance of walking away a winner by playing The Invisible Man slot.

In terms of maximum pay-outs, The Invisible Man have set this at 500x. For those seeking higher jackpot prizes might want to look beyond The Invisible Man to find the right slot.

Features and bonuses are packed into The Invisible Man slot game. NetEnt gaming products always deliver on these qualities. Let’s dive in below.

The Invisible Man Slot Screen

Features, specials and symbols in the The Invisible Man

Firstly, The Invisible Man slot has multiple variations of its wild symbols. There is the standard wild symbol, and that of a flaming wild symbol. Both wild symbols can substitute any other symbol (apart from bonus and scatter symbols). However if both fall in to place concurrently, then they form a scatter symbol! Furthermore, there is also a griffin wild and a police wild. If these two are merged, then you are instantly awarded 10 free spins!

Merge the two wild symbols during the free spins round to award yourself with an extra 4 spins. This adds to the excitement and increases your chance to win.

Next, The Invisible Man Slot also offers a ‘Police Spins’ bonus, which can activate during the free spins round. If awarded, you will get 3 free spins, with the reals automatically containing 5 random flaming wilds.

If the previously mentioned bonuses weren’t enough to keep you entertained, The Invisible Man slot also has a Griffin’s Rage bonus. Essentially, this particular bonus round gives the player the choice of 1 item from a possible 5. Each item contains a prize, alongside a potential multiplier – so choose wisely!

How to play the slot?

Although The Invisible Man slot is a relatively straightforward game to play, if you are yet to try it out, we have detailed the most basic gameplay functions below.

Firstly, when The Invisible Man first loads, you will need to determine how much you want to stake per spin. The Invisible Man also allows you to choose the ‘Level’ that you want to play at. For those unaware, slot machine levels allow you to increase your stake size and in return, increase your chances of winning.

So, in order to choose your bet size, simply adjust the ‘Coin Value’ button within The Invisible Man Slot. The ‘Minus’ button decreases the bet size and the ‘Plus’ sign increases it. This also rings true for adjusting the level. Take a look at the information bar at the bottom of the slot to make sure that you have set your desired bet size correctly. This indicates how much you are staking in pounds and pence.

Once you are happy with the stake size, click on the spin button. Identify the spin button by a circular shape with the ‘Refresh’ sign in the middle. If you do not want to keep pressing the spin button you can instead use the auto play feature.

Once you click it, you can choose how many times you want the slot to automatically spin. Spin the auto play feature and get a basic win, however when bonus rounds are activated, you will get the chance to revert back to manual play.

Regarding wins throughout normal gameplay, you simply need to hit three of more of the same symbol across any one of the 20 paylines on offer. The lowest wins are determined by traditional card symbols such as 10, J, Q, K and A – with higher payouts represented by the likes of Mr. Hall, Mrs. Hall, Dr Cranley, Author Kemp and Flora Cranley – who are also characters from The Invisible Man slot movie!

The Invisible Man slot summary

All in all, this game is for you if you are the type of player that likes to engage in highly interactive and visual movie-based slots. Alongside upbeat sound effects and strong graphics The Invisible Man slot is well worth a shot. The game is absolutely packed with bonuses and features, with the vast majority of these centered on wild symbols. In fact, there are a total of 4 different wild symbols on offer. Especially merged together on a single spin as they turn in to an additional bonus of their own.

Whilst the RTP of 96.4% could be better, it is still a relatively decent payout rate. On the other hand, it is a shame that The Invisible Man slot is limited to a maximum jackpot payout of 500x. As a result, if jackpot slots are more up your street, then it might be worth looking elsewhere.

In summary, The Invisible Man Slot is available at a significant number of leading online casinos. If you’re sitting on the fence about playing it, check out The Invisible Slot in free-play mode with NetEnt directly. This let’s you try the game before taking the plunge. We’re pretty sure you’ll think it’s a hit though.

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