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AUTHOR: Omar · Updated: 5th Apr 2023

The Biggest Blunders to Avoid When Claiming New Customer Betting Offers

In order to entice more people, sportsbooks regularly offer welcome bonuses to new users who join the site. Seasoned bettors must be familiar with such bonuses. But if you’re new to sports betting, it won’t be long until you encounter such offers because almost every betting site has some bonus for new customers.

There’s nothing too complicated about new customer betting offers. Although the details and exact terms of the offer may vary in different betting sites, here’s how these offers work in general:

  • When you join a sportsbook, you’ll be asked to choose or opt in for a betting offer during the registration process itself.
  • The offer usually requires you to make a certain amount of the first deposit.
  • Based on the offer’s specific details, you may receive matched bonus, free bets, enhanced odds, or some other unique benefits.

Betting Blunders to avoid as a new sports bettor

Betting sites give away such offers because they want new players to join and excitingly begin their betting journey. As for the bettors, they can also enjoy the benefit of these bonus offers.


Matched bonuses and free bets can be used to test the betting market without spending your cash balance. If you’re lucky, you might win big on some free bets. Of course, things like wagering requirements mean you can’t withdraw your winnings right away. But the worst that could happen is using up all your bonus while your cash balance is intake. At the end of the day, there’s nothing to lose, so it’s best to grab the welcome offers.


However, new players often make common blunders when claiming welcome bonuses. In this article, we want to highlight such mistakes and offer some useful tips to be more alert and make the most out of new customer betting offers.

Common Blunders to Avoid When Claiming New Customer Betting Offers

Here are some common mistakes that players should avoid when it comes to welcome offers on betting sites.

Failing to read the terms and conditions.

The long list of terms and conditions on betting sites may seem like a simple formality to many new players. However, every welcome bonus comes with specific requirements, such as minimum deposits, wagering requirements, expiration dates, etc. If you don’t read the terms thoroughly, you can miss the bonuses.

For example, an exciting welcome offer might have a condition that requires players to make their first deposit within 6 hours of registration. If a user doesn’t read the conditions and makes a deposit the next day, they will be disappointed to realize they are no longer eligible.

Claiming offers that don’t suit their betting style.

Another problem is that players often jump into welcome bonuses without checking if it matches their betting style.

For example, someone who loves football may claim free bets for cricket without realizing it. It will be a waste when they realize later on that the free bets will not work on their preferred sport. Some offers may include accumulator bets, but new players who have never used accumulators will not benefit from it. That is why one needs to carefully read all the details of new customer betting offers before opting in.

Not verifying their account.

Verification is one of the first things to do after registering on a sportsbook platform. Verifying your account helps the casino to confirm your identity and address, so they can be sure that transactions are being made with the right person. If you don’t verify your account quickly, you might find yourselves unable to make deposits or withdrawals. Some betting offers also require customers to have verified accounts to qualify for the bonus. If you wait too long to verify your betting account, you can lose such bonuses.

Using incorrect promo codes.

Promo codes are special codes that give unique and exclusive bonuses to players. Betting sites sometimes give away promo code offers on specific occasions. New players can usually enter promo codes directly during the sign-up process and when they make a deposit. Since promo codes are usually a random combination of numbers and letters, it’s easy to make simple mistakes when typing in the code. If you enter the wrong code and then go ahead to make the first deposit, you’ll lose the offer once and for all.

Some of you may wonder how to even get promo codes in the first place. Sportsbooks often release promo codes on the website itself, within the promotions page, and they may also announce it on social media handles. Different informational websites related to sports betting also keep an eye out for various promo codes and post them online. With some help from search engines, you may find some interesting promo codes. There is no guarantee that such codes are always available, but keeping a keen eye pays off.

Failing to meet wagering requirements.

Wagering requirements are an essential aspect of new customer betting offers. Some bonuses come without wagering requirements, but such offers are far too rare. For most part, you’ll come across welcome bonuses that are subjected to some form of wagering requirements. If a bonus offer has a 30x wagering requirement, it means you have to wager 30 times the bonus amount to be able to withdraw the bonus money and winnings earned from it. The sportsbook decides the limit of wagering requirements.

There is also a limited amount of time provided by betting sites for customers to fulfill the wagering requirements. If it is not fulfilled within that time, all the money in your bonus balance will be forfeited. It will be very disheartening to watch all the additional funds disappear if you don’t meet the wagering requirements on time.

Tips to Avoid Blunders

So now that you are aware of these five common blunders, here are some tips on how you can avoid them when claiming new customer betting offers.

  1. The first thing you should do before claiming an offer is to read the terms and conditions in detail. Read 2-3 times or more but ensure you clearly understand every point. Take notes of things like the expiration date of the bonus and if there is any time limit to make the first deposit.
  2. When reading the terms and conditions, check the bonus details and what you can get from it. Ensure that the bonus you claim gives you relevant rewards based on your betting style. For example, if you plan to bet only occasionally, you wouldn’t want to claim a high-value bonus with a high wagering requirement.
  3. Verify your account as soon as possible. There is no point in waiting to do so, and it barely takes a few minutes. On most betting platforms, you cannot even make payments if your account is still unverified.
  4. Double-check that you’re entering the right promo codes for special offers. You cannot undo the mistake and end up losing the bonus.
  5. Make proper calculations for wagering requirements before you claim the bonus. Analyze your betting finances and decide if it’s a viable offer for you. Once you claim the offer, there is no going back, so be prepared to play through the wagering requirements in advance.


New betting offers are easily available on various betting sites. These offers and bonuses provide excellent rewards and benefits to players through bonus money, free bets, and other methods. But new players are often susceptible to making some mistakes when claiming such bonuses. We hope the tips we have shared above will make you more aware of welcome offers. Follow the five tips to avoid blunders and make the most out of the exciting new customer betting offers on some of the best online sportsbooks.

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