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AUTHOR: Omar · Updated: 29th Mar 2023


On this page, you’ll find all the latest and archived interviews. We update the page as soon as the interview with a speaker is concluded. Keep checking this page to learn about the latest happenings in the online gambling industry and the best gambling deals.

The interviews will be published in written form on the website. You can visit this page at any time and access the interviews done to date. However, we may also post them in audio and/or video format. Bookmark this page and keep checking for more information.

Purpose Interviews

Our purpose is to spread knowledge and awareness regarding online gambling by talking to people working in the industry. Every week or every two weeks, we sit down with noted personalities in the online gambling world who shed some light on their experience and expertise.

This helps you learn more about online betting and how to navigate the maze while avoiding potential scams. Among other things, you’ll hear about their personal stories, life lessons, industry outlook, the best gaming websites, etc. We may also take questions that our readers may have. Thus, we encourage you to chip in your input by commenting on our website or social media pages.

At times, we may also share exclusive gambling deals in the interviews. This is done to reward readers who spend time going through the interviews.

Interview Integrity

We aim to remain unbiased while conducting interviews. You, our audience, are our top priority, and enriching your knowledge through these interviews is our goal. Our interviewees are not asked to follow a script, not forced to speak something against their beliefs. They are asked to act naturally and talk they would like to a friend.

None of the interviewees are paid by our team members. They are invited to be our speaker and guest.

It’s also important to note that the views expressed by the interviewer or interviewee are their own and don’t represent the company’s views. We place disclaimers wherever necessary.

Our team also may list online gambling offers during the interviews as a token of appreciation for our readers. These may or may not be sponsored. Again, we will place a disclaimer should it be a sponsored gambling deal.

We take misinformation seriously and take every necessary measure to spot and discard it. We’d be happy to listen to you if you encounter anything suspicious in our interviews.

Our team hopes you get the maximum value from the interviews and online gambling offers.

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