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3 top tips for being successful at online poker

Everyone loves face-to-face poker. There’s nothing quite like putting on your best poker face to defy your given odds to beat all of your gullible peers. But, how do you make the transition from pulling your best poker face, to playing in the online sphere behind your computer screen?

We thought we’d take a look at three good points that you can take that will help you improve your online poker game.

Make your workspace a positive space

Not to sound to wishy washy but your workspace is your frame of mind, so it should be in your interest to make your poker workspace a positive space to help you think clearly and to get the best out of your game.

For some people it works to go to the extremes of creating such thing as ‘poker playlists’ to add to the overall mood, which in turn will affect your game. Like it or not, it will. It’s similar to the concept that eating healthily will give you a better state of mind, that of course, is likely to be true. The more vital you feel, the better you’ll perform in your activities. So if gambling is your thing, then it may pay dividends to invest in this track of thought, as when your losing money through gambling, you may need that extra positivity to climb yourself out a rut.

It doesn’t have to be a load of old cobblers, just straight forward good decision making, a bit like poker itself.

Start with the low stakes

First thing to remember about online poker, is that it is quite different to live human-contact poker. This said, it will pay to start off your career as on online poker player by going low on the stakes. Give yourself time to get to know and understand the online game – even if you’re used to much bigger stakes in the real world counterpart.

This will help take any stress off you as you learn your new game. As you get to understand the subtleties of the game, you can then start raising your stakes, in the hope of winning larger amount of money from your pot. Trust us in that people who are playing high stakes will be more experienced with the online sphere than you, so be patient.

Familiarise yourself with the online sphere

Again, to reiterate that there are some differences between online poker and face to face poker. So, you will have to get used to the banking feature which is different for obvious reasons. You will also need to adapt to seeing a far greater amount of hands per hour or session.  

Even just getting used to the layout and the content system, it really is worth investing this buffer period from being a full-fledged big-stakes honcho, to a more adapted and ready to rock online player.


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