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AUTHOR: Nikita Mittal · Updated: 5th Jun 2023

The Benefits of Using Loyalty Programs and Rewards for Sports Betting

Keep the new customers close, but the existing customers closer. Considering this, sportsbooks worldwide have come up with attractive loyalty programs and rewards. A well-structured loyalty program results from collaborating with resorts, hotels, clubs, and whatnot.  

An experienced bettor can identify a good loyalty program in a blink of an eye. If you are new to all this, here is everything you should know about loyalty programs and rewards on sportsbooks. And why you shouldn’t overlook them.

Loyalty Programs and Rewards

Benefits of loyalty programs 

Loyalty programs are for the existing loyal bettors of the sportsbook. They usually work based on coins/points.  

Certain fiduciary coins or points are rewarded on each bet placed by a bettor. Once the bettor collects a stipulated number of coins/points, he becomes a loyal player. Some loyalty programs are divided into various levels.  

Each level or tier gives new rewards, membership offers, and more. A bettor can climb loyalty program levels by placing more bets and collecting more points. The greater the points, the higher the loyalty program stats and rewards.

Here are the benefits of being associated with a loyalty program:  

  • Convert points into rewards 

Every time a bettor places a bet and completes daily missions, points are granted. Use these points in exchange for rewards. Make the best use of these rewards by placing more bets and winning more.  

  • Right to exclusive bonuses 

Aren’t bonuses available to anyone in the sportsbook? Just like welcome bonuses are for new players, loyalty programs are only accessible to loyal players.  

These exclusive bonuses are more rewarding than welcome bonuses. Loyalty programs can grant you free bets not just once but frequently. They also give the exclusive right to claim bonuses without any wagering requirement.  

  • Personalized offers 

Most loyalty programs offer personalized offers. These offers are specially curated, keeping in mind your betting habits. If an operator considers you its exclusive player in tournaments or promotions, they may go over and above to provide extra benefits.  

  • Personal account manager 

Loyalty programs treat their players as the king. For this reason, they provide the most exclusive benefits to players, like a personal account manager who ensures you take advantage of current offers. A personal account manager is also responsible for solving all your queries so your payout experience is smooth and quick.  

  • Access to clubs and resorts 

Rarely found at some sportsbooks, but very well-to-do sportsbooks also provide vouchers for fine dining at luxury hotels, gift a vacation for two and provide exclusive access to their chain of clubs.

Examples of popular loyalty programs by UK Sportsbook 

Look here to get an idea of what we are talking about. Here are some of the best loyalty programs offered by UK sportsbooks: 


Rewards for sports betting 


Need not confuse loyal programs with rewards. While loyalty programs are tier-based, rewards provide weekly or immediate benefits. While loyalty program benefits are spread over a range of time as long as you continue playing at a sportsbook, rewards are short-lived and can be claimed weekly.  

Here is a curated list of the sort of rewards you can expect at a sportsbook loyalty program so that you do not settle for less: 

  • Free bets 

There is no reward like a free bet to a sports bettor. We came across a sportsbook, BetAndreas, that gives out crazy free bets at each level of its loyalty program. Freebets help bettors place bets on their favorite sports without spending a dime.  

  • Cashback offers 

Rewards also provide cashback offers. Cashbacks refund a part of your bet losses back. However, the bettor should have placed a minimum amount of bet within a week to be eligible for the offer. Such rewards are recurring and can be claimed once every week.  

  • VIP perks  

VIP perks include getting an entry into a sportsbook or land-based sports club, free Amazon vouchers, direct access to tournaments, a personal account manager, special odds, and so on. 

How to claim rewards? 

Unlike in the case of loyalty programs, claiming rewards is easier. In a loyalty program, you must first ensure the sportsbook loyalty program is active. Thereafter, if you cannot find the loyalty program on the official website, just search for it on the search engine using the words ‘X sportsbook loyalty program.’ You will see the loyalty program link in the search results, and the process continues.  

However, look for words like ‘X sportsbook Rewards’ in case of rewards. You can find it in the top menu or sidebar menu. To claim rewards, you need to place bets of a certain amount within a week. Read the terms and conditions thoroughly before going for it.   

Rewards for Sports Betting

Terms and conditions to look for:  

The terms and conditions attached to sportsbook rewards look like: 

  • The reward may be applicable in case of opt-in.  
  • The reward may or may not apply to all sports.  
  • You need to fulfill minimum bet conditions to be eligible for the reward.  
  • Rewards cannot be cashed out in certain cases. They vary from sportsbook to sportsbook.  
  • There is an odd minimum requirement.   
  • Other conditions include bet option restrictions, free bet expiry, and other eligibility restrictions.

Example of popular rewards offered by UK sports betting sites 

  • SkyBet 

We found SkyBet rewards the best in the UK sports betting market. SkyBet also has a well-curated loyalty program that rewards you weekly. The player must bet £30 or more weekly to claim one of the five reward choices. There are other exclusive promotions available visible to members only.  

  • 888Sports 

888Sports provides rewards wherein a player can earn up to £50 weekly cash. However, the player has to place bets worth over £3000 weekly to get £50 in cash. It also has a Made For You section that provides exclusive offers to its regular users.  

Tips for maximizing loyalty Program benefits 

Not all loyalty programs are created equally. Strategies for earning more loyalty points and rewards will help you choose sportsbooks based on their loyalty program and rewards.  

Also, not all loyalty programs are profitable. Some of them are just created as a compulsory addition to the platform. Here are some of the strategies that will help you pick the best one before giving it your all on loyalty programs: 

  • Only well-established and profitable sportsbooks can spare enough to provide benefits to their users through loyalty programs. Online sportsbooks with only huge turnover provide lucrative rewards as they can manage to give extra from their profits.  
  • Operators with both online sportsbooks and land-based sportsbooks have good loyalty programs. They use loyalty programs to tie their players to both platforms. They provide benefits like free club vouchers and utilize their winnings from online sportsbooks at their land-based sportsbook. Look for a sportsbook that operates in multiple regions like BetMGM, 888sport, and more.  
  • Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions thoroughly before opting for sportsbook rewards. Ensure the reward is not tied to placing a bet on a specific sport or deposit method. Look at the odds required before placing the bet.  

Responsible gambling and setting limits 

Amidst the excitement of getting your level up in a loyalty program or claiming a reward, don’t forget to play responsibly. Do not spend or place bets over your daily, weekly, or monthly set limits. While you can benefit greatly from loyalty programs, it should not come at the cost of exceeding your budget. Play mindfully! 

Don’t have control over your actions? For this reason, online sportsbooks have come up with various options that allow players to set their deposit limits, loss limits, self-exclusion, and other similar options to restrict themselves from playing irresponsibly.  

You can set daily, weekly, or monthly deposit limits. This limit stops you from depositing further once it reaches its threshold. Similarly, once you reach the threshold of your losses, the platform will stop you from placing further bets. You can also stop yourself from visiting the online gambling platform with the help of the self-exclusion feature.  


Are you well-versed in taking advantage of loyalty programs and rewards? Why should you not when they provide special benefits like cashback, free bets, personalized offers, quicker payouts, freedom from rollover requirements, extra earnings, and more?  

If you are a good bettor and love to play responsibly, there is no reason to avoid the advantage of rewards and loyalty programs, provided you do not have to go out of your way to get the benefits. Don’t settle for minimal benefits to get the best betting experience.

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