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Social Media - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Let’s go back 15 years to a world where Facebook and Twitter were unheard of, - a time before these two world-dominant social media platforms begun collectively attracting literally billions, yes, billions of monthly users. Read More

When Will Alien Life Be Proven?

When we think of Aliens, it’s not uncommon for us to envisage a small-bodied, grey- skinned bug-eyed-being with an oversized forehead. But the question of when life beyond Earth will be proven is one of humanity’s most profound and unanswered questions, whichever way evolution may decide to present them. Read More

Ed Sheeran Set to Star in Own Musical Film

Internationally known singer-song writer Ed Sheeran told British GQ Magazine his aim was to become the biggest male artist in the world, -though little did we know he may have been plotting his way toward the silver screens to take on the role of a movie star. Read More

Who will be the next Dr. Who?

After three years in the leading role as Dr. Who, Peter Capaldi is due to hand over the honourable title following his retirement later this year, but who will be the next chosen Timelord? Read More

5 Most Popular Online Slot Games of All Time

With the continual release of new online slot games, it’s difficult to know which are the most popular ones out there to play. We bring you our top 5 to help save you time and free you from risk of choosing a not-so-hot slot. Read More

Will Donald Trump Get Impeached?

In the history of US presidency, the only men to have ever resigned or have been impeached were Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton. But is there about to be one more? Read More


Although Mr Craig is yet to hang up his tuxedo, rumours are floating around that it may not be long until we see him replaced by another deserving hand to star as the next James Bond. Read More

Kylie Jenner: the mega-rich teenager

Kylie Jenner, the mega-rich teenager is the latest millionaire out of the Kardashian clan. Gambling Deals reviews her wealth and how she turned mega rich Read More

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