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Become one of Vera John’s Guaranteed Winner’s Today

Score highest spin of the day and win £5000 guaranteedScore highest spin of the month and win £50,000 guaranteedPlay via Gambling Deals to access £100 sign-up BONUS, 100 FREE spins & 20% CASHBACK 
Here at Gambling Deals, we love guaranteeing you money. 
We started out guaranteeing all of our players up to 20% cashback every time they lose. Today we’re taking it one step further. We’re offering our players the chance to become one of Vera & John’s Guaranteed Cash Winner’s.
Spinning your way to a Guaranteed Win is easy. 
Simply sign-up to Vera & John through Gambling Deals today to unlock your £100 sign-up bonus, access your 100 free spins and start playing! 
More About The Deal Vera & John guarantees its highest spinners win at least £5000 every day and £50,000 every month: The Daily Win: Vera & John’s highest single spinner of the day will win at least £5000 cash. If the the highest single-spin, happens to be less than £5,000, Vera John automatically tops that winners money up until it reaches a juicy £5k!  
And if that isn’t enough to whet your appetite. 
The Monthly Win: Vera & John promises its highest casino win of the month receives £50,000. If the highest casino win of the month doesn’t reach £50,000, they’ll top that players money up until it does….Cha-ching! 
Play With ConfidenceRemember, you may not win the highest spin every time, but that’s ok. Gambling Deals has your back and we will protect your losses. 
Play Vera John through us to secure 20% of your money back every time you play. 
Happy Spinning! 
The Gambling Deals Team 

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