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Best nightclubs in Macau, the places to party when the big casino wins come in

Macau was once known as the “Sin City” of Asia, reputed for its sleazy and expensive bars where shady figures would serve customers and wallets left much thinner than they entered. Despite its attempt to detach itself from sin and corruption, there are still pockets.

The city hosts 30 million visitors each year, likely here to cash in and out of the many mega casinos, so this has gone a long way in clearing up the shadowy dives in replacement of more official and safer spots. A seedy side still exists, but with so much money sloshing around the city and demand to match the glamour the cash brings in, they are generally getting pushed out of the scene.

We took a look at some great places to go for a night out in Macau after you’ve hit the big time with your gambling win.

Club Cubic

If you fancy a night of high tempo energy-zapping club fun, then Club Cubic – which boasts 30,000 square feet spread across two levels of space – is likely the place for you. Here you’ll find a regular crop top DJs and live events on the calendar. This City of Dreams based venue is renowned for its fancy decor and its laser lit dance pool.

If your gambling weekend has been a real success, and your wallet doesn’t need a life support machine, then Club Cubic has 5 VIP rooms on the upper level which you can rent out and enjoy the champagne bar. Nothing wrong with feeling as though you’re part of Oceans 11 cast. It’ll do you good.


Bang in the heart of Macau, next to the world-known AIA Tower, is Divino club. The joint is kitted out with red carpets which you’ll walk down guided by the club’s door staff into the 8,000 square feet where quality entertainment meets great bars in a non-stuffy atmosphere. Bingo.

Elegant sculptures and leather sofas adorn the space, while its dancers make for a more classy environment than tasteless dross. It’s certainly worth a a visit if you’re in Macau gambling and the losses aren’t outweighing the winnings.

China Rouge

If you can put up with a clientele wants primarily to be seen, then China Rouge can be a good and often indulgent place to be. Here they’ve tried to create an identity for many things, it’s the mix of art gallery and loud club that strikes as the most contradictory.

China Rouge isn’t as big as Club Cubic, but the activity and energy there is as good at least.

Time to put on your bests, though. China Rogue is a members-only club, but if you manage to look swag enough at the door, they will perhaps let you enter. There’s also a peaceful lounge area that has a fine list of classic cocktails.


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