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Biggest bingo wins ever – Britain’s favourite money-making pastime

If one knows anything about British culture, then they’ll know about its love affair with Bingo. They provoke images of the smoked-out dusty bingo hall scene that ran up until 2007 when the smoking ban came into action.

What seemed to be a nan’s favourite pastime has over the years migrated its way to the internet. The live game – which now seems a thing of the past – still rocks on though, if only in pockets. It actually originates from Italy dating back over 500 years. (Imagine the bingo halls then).

We thought we’d take a look to discover peoples’ biggest bingo wins.

How 30p became almost £6 million

Three years ago a Lincolnshire man named John Orchard placed a bet of 30p on a game of bingo. What Mr. Orchard didn’t know at that point, was that his well-placed bet was about to change his life dramatically. He broke records with his enormous win of £5.9 million, it stands as the biggest bingo win ever. Yep, 30p became millions of pounds.

The lucky swine had at the time a job with the Jobcentre, which he promptly jacked in to enjoy retirement with his happy wife. Apart from trading in his clapped-out little Renault Clio for a Jaguar, lets take a guess that he treated his family to a nice holiday – all expenses paid.

Who held top spot before Mr. Orchard?

Prior to Mr. Orchard driving off in his new Jaguar, the record top spot prize win was held by a lady named Soraya Lowell. In 2008 she netted a massive £1.2 million. Despite having the luck of ten people, news reports followed with tales of Lowell filing for bankruptcy after failing to pay her council tax. Bet she wishes she had of sorted that out. Who needs the bailiffs over when you’re a millionaire.

Not far behind Ms. Lowell we head to a Welsh fortune

Merthyr Tydfil is a place not known for its millionaires. But one lucky woman, Christine Bradfield was playing away at her local bingo hall, where she raked in £1.1 million. There really are some huge jackpots out there.

The man who won big playing bingo online

Playing a game of online bingo can be lucrative business, and if you don’t believe us, ask Georgios M, a Greek guy who scooped a huge £5.1 million six years ago.

He was temporarily the title holder of the biggest bingo win ever, but then Mr. Orchard whom we mentioned earlier replaced him. Many people probably think of bingo as the shady little place in their hometown where you can win £50 if you’re lucky. But there are some great jackpots to be won out there.


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