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Dustin Moskovitz: the Facebook creator no one talks about

Facebook is the internet company that hits the media almost daily around the world, for one reason or another. And the face of Facebook is of course, Mark Zuckerberg; the curly haired entrepreneur who has made as much impact in the world due to his web creations and philanthropy, as he has money in his bank account.

But he didn’t make Facebook alone. Actually, Dustin Moskovitz, was one of Zuckerberg’s roommates at Havard, and he is also a Facebook co-founder. In 2004 he became the youngest billionaire in history due to his 2.34% shares in the social network company — despite leaving in 2008 to set up Asana, a work-flow software company.

He was only 27-year-old when he made history, so that probably went some way in paying his college fees. Oh, what college fees, the mo-fo dropped out of college after two years, as all internet heroes seem to.

Asana is certainly successful and a cracking bit of software, but Facebook still brings much of Moskovitz’s net worth to the table.

Moskovitz once said: ‘We were feeling pretty confident, even from observing the first few hours of usage. Students used it like crazy. They’d sign up then spend the next 3-4 hours on it. Then we’d go to lecture hall and see it on every computer screen there.’

The Havard lads were rightfully confident. The social network continues its ascent as it hopes to get everyone in the world online, and more importantly (to them) — on Facebook.

Moskovitz was born and grew up in Florida, and he attended Harvard University studying his major in economics — before turning his hand full-time to tend to Facebook. After he left, Moskovitz was invested in mobile photo-sharing website Path, which he runs with another ex-Facebook employee.

Google reportedly wanted to buy the platform for a whopping $100 million — but Moskovitz decided that wasn’t enough.

So what does the mega rich youngster do with all his money? Well, he and his wife Cari Tuna, have built up a foundation which allows them to fight malaria and equal marriage in the true spirit of philanthropy.

They have invested millions of dollars into their project. In fact, Moskovitz and his wife are the youngest married couple to sign Bill Gates and Warren Buffett’s Giving Pledge, which encourages mega rich billionaires to give away most of their wealth in the form of philanthropy. Just what the world needs to tackle its reality.

So while you’ll always hear about Zuckerberg in the press, just remember there’s another curly-haired billionaire, thanks to you logging on to Facebook to see what your friends are up to. Not bad work if you can get it.

‘I used to be really anxious about money. I got that from my parents. I still am, but for entirely different reasons.’ Moskovitz said. Ahem, no comment from us.

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