Elton John and his golden piano

Few celebrities reach the status of English music maestro Sir Elton John. Though he looks a bit like Ed Sheeran’s dad — Elton is worth a massive eight times more — reportedly Elton’s net worth is a staggering $475 million. He is without question one of music’s most successful stars of all time.

This red-haired music genius has just released his 2016 album, Crazy Nights, with Ultimate Classic Rock, saying of the album: “Like many sequels, however, something seems to be missing here. Delicately conveyed nuance turns into bombast; the material tries too hard, takes the easy way out, plays to the back row.” They’re not far off, either. Buy hey, he’s 68, probably a bit tired.

Elton began playing the piano aged 3, before starting formal lessons at 7, and could be said to have started his career at 15 — if you can call it its start — playing the piano near to where he and his parents lived at the Northwood Hills Hotel on Thursday to Sunday nights. His nickname back then was Reggie (he was born Dwight), and little did they know that Reggie would go on to earn huge sums of money in the region of hundreds of millions, as he played both his own songs, developing his talent, and a range of classic blues tracks.

The making of him is perhaps owed in part to his winning a scholarship at London’s Royal Academy of Music. That’s never a bad move to launch a career in music.

In 1966, he and some friends formed the band Bluesology, which is around the time he actually started using the name Elton, rather than Dwight. Elton then sat back and watched the pennies grow as seven of his consecutive albums between 1972 and 1975 topped the charts. The 80s was an equally handsome decade for the red-haired star, with all albums being hailed as being sent down from a higher being, while raking in the massive revenue.

In 1992, he signed a record-breaking $39 million contract with Warner Bros. It was the largest cash advance known in the industry. (Quick! Book your 3-year-old child in for piano lessons). One of Elton’s mega-famous projects is his 1994 composition of the Disney film Lion King — which he deservedly earned a Best Song at the Grammy Awards. This went into a whole different league, and was certified a “diamond” after selling 15 million copies worldwide. Staggering sums of money that would make a million seem like a quid.

And all this was before the piano king with his famous dark shades had released his 1997 classic Candle in the Wind, after the death of Princess Diana.

So what does one do with such huge amounts of money? Well, among John’s assets is his Beverly Hills estate we he is reported to have invested $33 million. His mega fancy gated Mediterranean property, boasts over 24,000 square feet of space. It has 10 bathrooms — because, lets face it, with his kind of money you have to find something to spend it on. 

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