Gambling in Singapore, good grub and exclusive casinos

Singapore has no shortage of class. From restaurants to bars to a refined hotels and a cool arts scene, the city appear to have it all — in abundance. Along with all this top class trading and service industries, it also has a vibrant gambling scene that is a must visit at some stage in your world travels.

Marina Bay Sands

This massive casino has an approved gaming area of 15,000 square meters, which sounds a lot, but yet only makes up for 3 percent of the resorts total floor space. That’s how big the Marina Bay resort is. There’s three levels with almost 2,500 slot machines to hand, while the casino offers a huge selection of the newest and top gaming worldwide machines with more than 250 titles to choose from. The slots offer a variety of jackpots, including linked Progressive Jackpots, so there’s plenty of opportunity to win some good amounts of cash (that’ll hopefully cover your holiday).

Then there’s the high-and-mighty experience (if one is someone, if you catch our drift), of gaining access to the exclusive and private gaming rooms, that are by invitation only. To be someone basically means that you have to be wealthy enough, of course.

Casino Royale Bar

This place is a pretty suave section of a wider hotel. Here in this rather sophistication bar, you can enjoy a round (or two) of quality drinks and simply chill out. They host a fine f selection of wines and spirits, and the bartenders are pretty good at whipping up a great cocktail. They also offer a well thought out Japanese menu between 6pm-10.30pm. Don’t miss that if food is what you’re after. From satay to sandwiches and chicken wings to sushi, it has something for the fussiest of eaters. They regularly host live performances, which can make for a good sight.

You do have to dress smart though here, so certainly no shorts and shade combos. You won’t be allowed if looking like Johnny Vegas on tour.

Resorts World Sentosa exclusive casino clubs

These places are the exclusive casino clubs et on a 49-hectare island, within a resort that has 6 themed hotels and is only a 4 minute walk to Universal Studios Singapore, and a short tram ride from Chinatown. Firstly there’s Maxims Club, which has many slots and table games, as well as a smoking area for the smokers (and where you can enjoy a good cigar) and a round-the-clock dining outlet called Happy 9. Then there’s the perhaps slightly higher tier Maxims Platinum Club, which is just as decadent (aren’t most quality casinos?) and has some private— which kind of makes them double private — games rooms. Money here flows in abundance. 
Top of the pile may well be Crockford Club. They advertise that you should ‘expect nothing but top-notch, unrivalled service’ which is reassuring if you’re dishing out the kinds of money needed to obtain entry. Good food, good drinks, good gamble. It has it all.

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