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Gordon Ramsey turned kitchen into cash – he knows how to turn personality and food into dollar bills

If you’re not a fan of Gordon Ramsey, fine; but to deny that the hot-headed chef-come-millionaire is an extremely capable man is to deny the truth. If you want something done, Ramsey is your man. From peeling onions to saving businesses, to ejecting top food critics from his top restaurants — he is a broadcasters dream all bunched up into one sweary red face. Whatever his special ingredients: they’re worth of $140 million net.

If you can believe it, Ramsay pockets £160,000 per episode to scream at incompetent morons on his reality TV shows, and that’s on top of his $45 million per year from his media and highbrow restaurant empire. Early in Ramsey’s career he worked as a Commis Chef at the Roxburgh House Hotel, and at London’s high-end Harveys. His potential was clearly realised early on, before his skills set and temperament saw him open his first restaurant in Chelsea in 1988. Then came his three Michelin Stars — which, are worth a small fortune themselves — and very few chefs achieve.

So amongst all his swearing and shouting Ramsey was picking up awards — he is the winner of three Catey Awards — which only enhanced his reputation and his bank balance. Ramsey has his fingers (figuratively and literally) in many pies. He owns pubs with his father-in-law, media companies, you name it. He shot to fame (or infamy as some would prefer) when starring in his first documentary Boiling Point.

Then there’s the famous feud with rival celebrity chef and fellow Brit Jamie Oliver, who is worth more than Ramsey, but in GD’s opinion is far less entertaining. Oliver is more of a toned down family friendly nice guy; in that sense Ramsey is not. Oliver, who is worth £240m, said: “Gordon will do anything to try and take the piss out of me because he is deeply jealous and can’t quite work out why I do what I do and why he can’t do that.” Not so sure about that Mr. Oliver.

One of Ramsey’s best and possibly funniest shows was a four-part Channel 4 series Costa del Nightmares. It broadcast the spectacle of Brits trying to live the dream of running restaurants abroad while completely losing their shit business-wise. But of course, Ramsey brought with him a far more thought through approach to their businesses while earning more per episode than their restaurants could hope to make in a good year.

On top of all this the irate chef is a keen runner, who almost became a professional football player after being chosen to play for Warwickshire at age 12, but that near career was hampered by injuries. Ramsey does though partake in marathons in between screaming at his staff and watching his bank balance grow at a healthy rate. 

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