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He doesn’t need Neymar money, he’s got loads

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior, known more simply as just Neymar, has made a real impression in world football over the past few years and the young Brazilian hasn’t even yet reached his mid-20s. He plays for Barcelona — arguably one of the finest clubs in the world, and certainly the richest — and takes home some serious cash each year for his efforts. Neymar also captains his national team, which does no harm to his bank balance.

Nowadays star player Neymar is worth a massive net $90 million dollars. His dad who himself id s former player, started teaching his son the art of the beautiful game at a young age and was convinced his young charge has the skills to take to the highest ranks of world football. He wasn’t wrong and no doubt he also is revelling in luxury on the back of his family success.

When Neymar was just 19, he won the 2011 South American Footballer of the Year award, and followed up the proceeding year with the same award, such is his talent. Neymar has collected many awards since for his brilliance on the ball. Even old Brazil legend Pele has called Neymar “an excellent player”, which must’ve been a nice confidence booster for him, and perhaps one of his CV highlights. Neymar’s speed, ball skills, and striking ability has also been noted by other star players such s Lionel Messi, who went on to say that Neymar could go on to be the ‘best in the world’.

When Neymar was just 17-years-old, he signed his first big contract with Santos, a Brazilian team, who paid him $1.7 million per year. But that was only a precursor of much bigger things to come. The following year Santos offered him a $20 million contract extension, but Neymar knew there were bigger things waiting for him across the ocean in Europe. He wasn’t wrong. In 2013 Barcelona signed him up for a whopping $119 million, paying Neymar him an average of $15 million per year in scarily alone.

Then there’s the genetic lottery that Neymar won, which sees him cash in huge endorsement deals with the likes of L’Oreal to flash his hair and the products he uses. Then Nike sponsor him too — so collectively with his football and hair skills, he earns around $30 million per year. Not a bad deal, and yet no doubt he’ll be earning much more in the future.

The Brazilian whizkid was rated the most marketable athlete in the world by SportsPro magazine, and we know that with market power comes hefty price tags. Neymar’s dad can be glad that he started teaching his son the beautiful game, as it’s very likely made him worry much less about his own retirement options.

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