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How rich is Mo Farah? The marathon man who has built a small fortune

Wonder boy Mo Farah, star runner of the London 2012 Summer Olympics. Who can forget that moment. Farah running across the finish line to collect his Gold medal wrapped in the Union Jack. It was a brilliant moment for the UK to show what a great multicultural society it is — and also a time when Mo Farah’s bank manager started grinning.

Oh come on, cynical humour never hurt anyone. But really, that great moment in British sporting history likely did punctuate Farah’s bank account quite handsomely northward.

Mo Farah is now worth $5 million dollars. Certainly retirement kind of money.

The 33-year-old Farah started running competitively when he was at school, but did not immediately stand out and even came in 9th in one school race over 10km.

But since leaving his studies in 2005 — and initially wanting to be a professional football player — he has been able to concentrate solely on his major skill: to run faster than most people over certain distances.

He has won all medal colours: Gold, Silver, and Bronze in so many races that it would be a vain task to attempt to list them all; let alone boring for you readers. European, World, Olympics; you name it, and Mo Farah has run it and won it.

Farah — a noted runner with a ‘bouncy’ style — has broken records, and watched his opportunities for sponsorship deals roll in. Movie into athletics was clearly a wise move for Farah.

After his Olympic victory four years ago, even the British PM started to pour praise on his country’s charge, by Tweeting: “@Mo_Farah is an Olympic legend and a true British hero. We can all be proud of his extraordinary achievement.”

Farah is known for running his races quite tactically, by often maintaining a fast pace throughout and then sprinting like a mad man to — and across — the finish line.

Farah was originally born in Somalia and moved with his family to the UK was he was just eight years old. The move was made because Farah’s father worked in the UK as an IT consultant. What a long Farah lacked in academic rigour; he more than made up for with his athletic capabilities.

When Farah joined West London’s Borough of Hounslow Athletics Club, it was the start of his real success. There were few career routes he could’ve taken that would have seen his bank balance rise to the millions mark.

Mo also has a twin brother, who stayed behind in Somalia and lives there happily with his five children and his wife.

The brilliant runner and national icon is a devout Muslim, and he says that he prays before each race.

Perhaps it was always his divine right to become the star that he is today, and it will be interesting to see what success he reaps in this Summer Olympics in Rio. No doubt whatever the outcome, he’ll be richer for attending.

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