Hugh Heffner and his big spendings on property, boobs and nightclubs

Few can deny that Hugh Heffner is quite a character. Whether you loathe or love the man, he is reported to be worth a massive $50 million despite the fact that Playboy — Heffner’s brainchild (or boobchild, perhaps) — has lost more than 80% of its stock value. Lets face it, magazines, (i.e. Heffner’s 1953 founded Playboy) are being outdone, or out-kinked by more modern platforms such as Pornhub, Why head to the shops to reach for the top shelf when one can simply open up a new browser?

An interesting fact about Heffner, is that although he’s synonymous with the Playboy Mansion, he does not actually own it. Playboy the brand own the pad, and Big Heff pays himself an allowance to rent it out. Smart move if you can. Better still, he covers his expenses and the scores of women that adorn his lap and beds. Not a bad deal aye.

Despite all of the titilation associated with the brand that Heffner created, the magazine really did build its reputation on publishing longform interviews with big celebs (and no doubt the many scantily clad women in its pages). Marilyn Monroe was the first to drive the interest in Playboy, which featured the iconic go-to Marilyn shot. Playboy really was a pioneering page in the publishing world during its early days.

On the back of Playboy’s success in the 60s and 70s, Hefner went on to open up nightclubs where the famous Playboy bunnies pranced around with their womanly assets on display. Then there was the penthouse, all built on the copious amounts on money that Playboy brought to the table. And among the not-so-slim spendings of the brand are facts such as the Mansion being the only private residence in America with a full-on zoo license. And this is America, afterall.

As for Heffner’s spending on his girls, they were given a $1,000 allowance per week; but along with that came a strange restrictive curfew of 9pm. But despite many feminists calling to arms the misogynist witch hunt, Heffner — maybe a little surprisingly — is a known and celebrated civil rights’ campaigner and activist. All this on top of having twelve full-time chefs to hand. This man really knows how to live and spend. Though it may have all played a part in his stroke in 1985. Play hard, do everything hard by Heffner’s standards in fact.

Having a somewhat glitzy image, almost slightly highbrow, the magazine’s message in 1953 had a clear message: “We like our apartment. We enjoy mixing up cocktails and an hors d’oeuvre or two, putting a little mood music on the phonograph and inviting in a female acquaintance for a quiet discussion on Picasso, Nietzsche, jazz, sex…”

Well, he’s certainly become wealthy on top of it, but hard to imagine him discussing Nietzsche on that bed with all those girls. Nice try though, Hughie boy.
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