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Jerry Seinfeld made millions from laughter

Making people laugh has all kinds of health benefits. And lets be honest, it feels pretty good to make people laugh doesn’t it. Now imagine earning a living by simply doing that. Well that’s what Jerry Seinfeld has done. And not only has the comedian done exactly this for his livelihood — he’s amassed a fortune of over $820 million in the process.

The famous comedian, actor, writer, and producer is best known — and probably has made most of his money — as the semi-biographical character in the sitcom Seinfeld, which boasted nine years of wild success in the 90s. He co-wrote the production with the other American comedy genius Larry David (who by the way, is also worth a bomb).

But sitcoms aside for a moment, Seinfeld has done all kinds of things that most people cannot do, such as help produce animations, and obviously has had one foot on the stage as a quality stand-up throughout his illustrious career, while producing myriad of other quality stuff for lumps of cash.

Just over a decade ago Comedy Central named Seinfeld the 12th greatest stand-up comedian of all time. Now that’s quite an accolade considering the quality circles that have been around throughout time. His genre is often classed as observational humour (the best kind in our opinion), where he highlights mostly personal relationships and social situations.

What’s appealing about Seinfeld is his very human touch. He once said: “I have this old ’57 Porsche Speedster, and the way the door closes, I’ll just sit there and listen to the sound of the latch going, ‘cluh-CLICK-click.’ That door! I live for that door. Whatever the opposite of planned obsolescence is, that’s what I’m into.”

In his stand-up comedy career, Seinfeld is known for specializing in observational humor, often focusing on personal relationships and uncomfortable social obligations. In 2005 Comedy Central named him the 12th-greatest stand-up comedian of all time.

Although born in New York, Seinfeld’s father, Kalmen Seinfeld, was born to a Jewish immigrant from Ukraine, while his mother, Betty, was of Syrian Jewish descent were from the now godforsaken Alleppo. When young Jerry was just 16-years-old, he did some time volunteering in Kibbutz Sa’ar in Israel. He went on to take a degree in communications and theatre. He most likely earns a lot more than graduates from that subject area.

Along with huge success, as is always the case, comes endorsement opportunity deals — and they can pay a bomb. Seinfeld received $10 million for a series of Microsoft adverts in 2008, which helped top-up his bank balance to levels that is even more incomprehensible.

Almost all multi-millionaire celebrities — it’s fair to say — have quite rocky private lives. Punctuated with divorce settlements and drug addictions, you name it. But Seinfeld does not quite fit this mould. Jerry married Jessica Sklar (now Seinfeld), and the happy couple have been wedded for a decade and have three children together.

They live in a $50 million estate in a Manhattan apartment that overlooks Central Park. Well, if you have the money, why the hell not. It’s a gamble of a career — but great if you can make it.

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