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Kate Moss’ loaded bank account

British supermodel Kate Moss rocketed to stardom in the 1990s after being discovered by at age 14 by Sarah Doukas, who owned Storm Model Management. Moss’ ‘heroin chic’ style was as controversial as it was popular, and the huge star is reckoned to be worth a massive $80 million dollars.

Moss — with her ‘waifish’ figure — worked closely with fashion brand Calvin Klein, and became the iconic face (or underpants) of the brand.

But despite her popularity and success, the detractors were out in numbers, who denounced the super model’s size zero physique. But that didn’t stop her from becoming arguably one of the most popular models ever. She has appeared on the cover of pretty much every fashion magazine that matters.

So popular was Moss, that in 203 she received an award to acknowledge her impact in the fashion industry, which she contributed to in various capacities over 25 long years.

The British star was born into a working-class family in Croydon, London.

Moss’ mother made no bones about her daughter’s career, saying to Kate: “I was 14 when I started modeling. At the end of that first day my mum said, If you want to do this, you’re on your own because I’m not traipsing around London ever again like that. It’s a nightmare.”

Lets imagine her mother was glad that Kate pushed on with her career. She has

Not only has she built up her bank account from her stunning looks, Moss has worked as a contributing editor for fashion magazine British Vogue. She has designed clothes for Topshop who paid her £3 million for the pleasure of designing 50 items, from jeans to bags to belts.

She has even had her own range of perfumes.

But with huge success always comes the snarling dog of British tabloids. After Moss met with rock star Pete Doherty, they ran an article with a series of photos that showed the couple using cocaine.

Of course, what followed was the loss of contracts and endowment deals with Chanel and H&M, which would have impacted Moss’ pockets.

However, scandal doesn’t always do lasting harm. The years that proceeded the scandal she reportedly earned plenty of dough. Some even say her best every financial years.

“People think your success is just a matter of having a pretty face. But it’s easy to be chewed up and spat out. You’ve got to stay ahead of the game to be able to stay in it.” Moss said.

She certainly stayed ahead of the game to become worth such a huge amount of money.

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