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Las Vegas’ top 5 strip clubs – the ultimate gentleman’s paradise

Known as a city of vice, Las Vegas has the capacity to offer people pretty much everything they could want – and in excess. From heady nights of gambling in some of the best casinos in the world, hotel suites that could accommodate any Bond lead, to strip clubs that would make Hugh Hefner proud.

We thought it was high time we took a look at some of the best strip clubs the city has to offer.

Cheetahs Gentlemen’s Club

This classic Vegas strip club with its slightly seedy but evocative name has what they call a ‘forest of stripper poles’ for its hundreds of neon-clad topless dancers.

In fairness the club’s main room appears more party than seedy, with many of its male customers taking along their girlfriends and wives to share the joy of semi-naked women swinging around the jaunt.

While the main room is couple friendly – mostly offering a bit of titilation – Cheetahs does have its mirrored private room: G-Spot, a swank. This is where the private lap dances take place.

Déjà Vu Showgirls

This place is a bit more ‘low-key’. Well, lets say that word has it that the dancers don’t pester you as much here selling private dances. The waitresses, though, apparently make up for this.

There’s too many waitresses for the size of the club, apparently. Some reviews say that if you have a dancer sitting with you, you will likely be paid a visit by every one of them, asking if you want to buy ‘the lady’ a drink. No pressure, she won’t marry you anyway.

Little Darlings

At Little Darlings they offer an array of erotic entertainment, and the club’s ladies are still all-nude.

The centre stage sports some of the tallest stripper poles Vegas, a length that the dancers enjoy much swinging and sliding. Like most seasoned strip clubs, it also offers twelve private booths for a close-up dance.

After midnight on weekends, the clubs hosts themed sets: from all-American, Latin, Erotic Games and various others. This is when the club can get a tad raucous. Join in, could do you the world of good after a night of gambling in the casino, spend your winnings, or wallow in your gambling losses.

If you need to purchase gifts or souvenirs for friends back home, they have a well-stocked adult entertainment store. Hmm, on reflection, maybe just stick with a postcard.

Striptease Gentlemen’s Club

The name is on the tin. Striptease is situation just a couple of blocks west of the Strip. It’s also a short skip away from Palms Casino and Rio.

This gentlemen’s club has some nice features, it uses technology to an electronic tracking system that reminds Striptease’s staff what your favourite drinks and dancers are.

If you want to splash out with your big casino win in style, there is a limo service available.

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