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Macau gambling: where to eat after you win big

Macau is Asia’s gambling capital, and the world at large in fact. Testament to this is that the Macau government gets more than 80% taxes from gambling revenue, which is causing its fair amount of problems. Last year (2014), Macau produced seven times more revenue than the Las Vegas Strip, which totalled $44 billion.

But gambling revenue in the city is plummeting, so to counter this trend, China is attempting to turn the world’s casino capital into a Las Vegas, by becoming an entertainment hub where the economy isn’t propped up by gambling alone. In Vegas, gambling accounts for only a third of the casino resorts’ revenue.

Las Vegas Strip revenue from non-gambling activity stands at 63%, while Macau’s revenue from such activity stands at 7%. The difference is evidently colossal. In contrast Singapore’s revenue from non-gambling activity is 24%.

But money in Macau is notoriously grubby, last year China started to crackdown on corruption and money-laundering in Macau – which owes to the plummeting revenue its facing.

So when you’re in the gambling capital of the world, and you win big, where should you eat? We took a look at three of the city’s top restaurants to fill your face with excellent grub.

Zi Yat Heen

If you want some Michelin-starred nosh, the Zi Yat Heen at the Four Seasons Hotel has two. Here they offer traditional Cantonese cuisine, and sport an impressive floor-to-ceiling wine cellar, with an expansive selection from wines around the world.

A selection of savoury dishes clearly cooked with fresh and exquisite ingredients, they have plenty of fresh seafood and the traditional dishes you’d expect. They also offer private dining rooms which is perfect for business or pleasure.

Jade Dragon

In the City of Dreams is the impressive Jade Dragon, which has an equally impressive private lift from the Crown Towers hotel to private rooms in the restaurant. Perfect if your ex wife is in the main room (bad joke).

It’s simple but classy décor with impressive shapes and relaxing curves, open kitchens, and long pane windows overlooking abundant greenery makes fr a great environment. On top of this there’s the fantastic barbecued Iberico pork, or grilled goose over lychee wood. The dessert menu matches the mains, which is always a relief.

The Tasting Room

If you fancy heading back to Europe’s culinary delights, then Chef Guillaume Galliot will help you do just that, with his delicious contemporary dishes at The Tasting Room, in the City of Dreams.

Galliot puts emphasis on using seasonal ingredients and the presentation is quite something. They have a well-reported signature onion soup with a scoop of (far more delicious than it sounds) onion ice cream. The summer meat menu offers some quite unusual meats, including pigeon, roasted veal chop and Kobe beef.

They also have an excellent sommelier who is on hand to make recommendations from their rather large wine list.


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