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Optimise your gambling activity with these 3 great tips

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of sipping on a quality cocktail, and feeling something like James Bond when you visit the casino to win some big cash. But the cocktail or glass of fizz – whatever your preference – may after all not be such a great idea. It’s the same when you have an intense session. Can be hard to pull oneself away from the table, but absolutely a good idea. People have many theories about what you can do to perform to your best ability when gambling, an there are some great tips that deserve to be shared among the community.

So we thought we’d put together some tips on how to maximise your gambling session at the casino, and it will even apply for online.

No drinking

You’ll learn nothing new (we hope) when we tell you that alcohol dulls the senses, leaving you a bit fuzzy, and not exactly making the best decisions. Just ask Charlie Sheen. So, we can only advise you – if you’re serious about optimising your gambling – to refrain from drinking alcohol.

And this is where it might get tough, as most live casinos will be trying to fuel you up with free drinks. No coincidence there, chaps. They are just trying to keep you at the table after all. Don’t feel the pressure, it’s not an obligation to accept.

Take a fresh air break

We’ve all done it. We get to the casino and very quickly after arriving we find ourselves glued to a slot machine, or table, but it isn’t always a good idea. The problem, the big problem, is staying stationary for long periods of time. What you can do about this is simple.

Just go and catch a breath of fresh air, clear you head, figure out whether or not your gambling is going to plan, and then decide on what you can do to maximise your betting winnings. This is the time you should really consider topping up your water levels. Nothing quite befuddles the brain like dehydration. And a befuddled brain isn’t what you need when you’re betting your cash.

Watch the time

Set yourself a time limit to be at the table/computer. Time management is crucial for anything that requires a bit of concentration. Some extra keen gamblers set themselves an alarm so they know when it’s time to stop. It might sound extreme but always good to protect yourself with any available measure.

Be careful not to make the whole gambling experience a bit dull by abiding strictly to all this info, but they are useful tips to consider. Remember that the idea is to have a good time, win some money, and to get out while the going is good.


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