Sophie Amoruso: the Nasty Gal turned rich gal

School drop-out Sophie Amoruso turned bad fortune into a monetary fortune. After being diagnosed with depression and attention deficit disorder, she left her academic education far behind her – and moved onto to bigger things.

Academics aren’t known for their entrepreneurial success, just as much as Amoruso seems to be geared towards business success — which has seen the young women amass a huge fortune in the fashion retail sector.

In 2012 Forbes called Amoruso ‘fashion’s new phenom’, and for good reason. Back then she was just 28-years-old and worth in the region of $100 million.

The American entrepreneur took her first job in Subway, and committed herself to myriad jobs before having the initiative to spot a gap in the market for her brand Nasty Gal, which sells vintage designer cloths.

Now at 32 and four years later, Amoruso is said to be worth in the region $280 million. Forbes reckon that her Nasty Gal company tripled its revenue. ‘It’s crazy to think that after a decade of building the business, we’re finding our footing,’ she told Forbes, adding: ‘We’re putting our big girl shoes on.’

Damn right she’s putting those big girls shoes on, and they probably cost a fortune, a fortune that Amoruso can easily afford.

Her successful career in the fashion industry started when she was just 22, when she started selling her brand’s stock on Ebay. But the ambitious American girl was eventually kicked off the website for abusing its rules, which is when she decided to get her own Nasty Gal site built, which according to her financial success — was a very smart move.

Ebay is not the only website she was kicked off. She was also thrown off MySpace (yes, remember that early naughties site), for using a software to add friends. This also didn’t hold her back, such is Amoruso’s tenacity and wit.

Even the New York Times called her the ‘Cinderella of tech’, which is some measure of her success and character. She recently landed herself a position on a ‘America’s richest self-made women’ list. Not a bad for someone in their early thirties.

And besides making a fortune from flogging clothes online, Amaruso must have made a fair few quid with her book Girl Boss, which became a New York Times best-seller.

Some people are just cut-out for success. What’s cool about Amoruso though is that she is a real self-made multi-millionaire.

Some people come to regret dropping out of college or university, but it’s probably fair to say that Amoruso is not one of those people. She’s far too self-driven for formal education. Or at least her big bank balance suggest so.  

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