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AUTHOR: Editor · Updated: 28th Sep 2020

Supporters of This Premier League Team are Most Likely to Cheat

Whilst players aren’t always loyal, most fanbases are. Even after relegations, managerial sackings and shocking transfers, supporters tend to stick with their club to the very end. But are some Premier League fans more loyal to their team than they are to their partner?

In a bid to investigate whether there is a correlation between being unfaithful and supporting a particular football team, we surveyed 2,700 people from around the UK. We asked respondents to tell us if they have or haven’t been cheated on by a partner before, and which team their other half supported, in order to determine which Premier League football fans are more likely to ‘play away’ than others.

How Faithful Are Football Fans?

According to our survey, a staggering 47% of respondents have been cheated on by their better halves – that’s almost 1 in 2 fans! But which Premier League supporters are most likely to cheat on their partner?

We can reveal that Arsenal fans are most likely to play the field, with almost a quarter of respondents being cheated on by a Gooner (22%). With the team ranking among the top 10 ‘dirtiest’ Premier League teams in a recent study, it seems it’s not just the players that like to play dirty…

The second least faithful footie fans in the Premier League are the Blues, with almost 2 in 10 Chelsea fans (19%) “playing away” and cheating on their partner. Following closely behind are Manchester United and West Ham, with 18% of respondents being cheated on by a Red Devil (literally) and 11% being cheated on by a Hammer.

It seems if your partner supports a London-based Premier League team, they may be more likely to be unfaithful, as Arsenal, Chelsea, and West Ham all feature in the top four! However, London rivals Tottenham Hotspur fared better in our study, as they are found to be the second most loyal Premier League team. Spurs fans will be pleased to know they beat their long-standing North London rivals, Arsenal, both on the pitch last season, and in the dating game too!

With a nickname like ‘The Foxes’, some may suggest Leicester fans are ‘sneaky’ – and you may be right, as they round off the top five most unfaithful fans in the Premier League. Our survey reveals that 1 in 10 Leicester City fans have cheated on their partners, putting them among one of the top five worst offenders in the top-flight league.

Also among the top 10 Premier League cheaters are Leeds United, with 8% of respondents claiming to have been cheated on by their partner.

Everton comes next, with 5% of respondents saying that they have been two-timed by their partner. On the other hand, local rivals, Liverpool, are crowned the most faithful football fans in the Premier League, suggesting that Scousers might find themselves luckier in love if they date a Red instead.

Manchester City fans rank in eighth spot, with 4% of respondents being cheated on by a Cityzen. With our survey finding that the Red Devils are the third most likely to cheat, you may be more successful in your quest for love if you date a Manchester City fan – although beware as they are still among the top 10 most likely to stray!

In ninth is south London based Crystal Palace, whereby 2% of respondents said they’d been cheated on by a supporter of The Eagles! The club’s long-standing fierce rivalry with Brighton and Hove Albion causes drama each time they meet, but there’s no denying that Brighton fans reign supreme this time, with The Seagulls being crowned the second most likely to stay faithful to their partners, after Liverpool.

Rounding off the top 10 fans most likely to cheat are Aston Villa supporters, with 1% of respondents saying they have been cheated on by a Lion fan. The Brummy-based team are known for their football hooliganism, which begs the question: are fans just as troublesome outside the stadium when it comes to their relationship?

The Premier League fans most likely to cheat:

1. Arsenal (22%)
2. Chelsea (19%)
3. Manchester United (18%)
4. West Ham (11%)
5. Leicester City (10%)
6. Leeds United (8%)
7. Everton (5%)
8. Manchester City (4%)
9. Crystal Palace (2%)
10. Aston Villa (1%)

The Premier League fans most likely to stay loyal:

1. Liverpool (23%)
2. Brighton and Hove Albion (21%)
3. Southampton (16%)
4. Wolverhampton Wanderers (12%)
5. Tottenham Hotspur (9%)
6. Burnley (7%)
7. Sheffield United (5%)
8. Fulham (4%)
9. Newcastle United (2%)
10. West Bromwich Albion (1%)

Methodology surveyed 2,700 respondents around the UK between September 1st and 15th, 2020, asking them if they have or haven’t been cheated on by a partner. We then asked respondents to tell us which team their partner supports or supported. We then collated all respondents’ answers to determine which Premier League football fans are most likely to cheat, and which are most faithful.

We decided to look specifically at the teams in the 2020/21 Premier League season.

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