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AUTHOR: Editor · Updated: 28th Sep 2020

The Rappers That Brag Most About Money

It’s clear that certain rappers like to brag about the money they have in their music, but how much do the top rappers really talk about money, and do they really make as much money as they say they do?

To find out, we studied 121 rap artists’ lyrics for money-related language to find out which rappers brag about money the most in their songs, the most common words used, and whether there’s a correlation between how much rappers earn and how much they talk about money in their songs.

The Top 10 Rappers That Brag the Most About Money

The rapper that brags the most about money is Rich the Kid, with 136 instances of money-related language in his music. The most common money-related word used by the American rap artist is ‘rich’, with the word found a total of 64 times in his lyrics.

Narrowly missing out on the top spot is YG, with 135 money-related words in his music – just one less than Rich the Kid. According to our analysis of all money-related lyrics, YG uses the word ‘bank’ the most, as it’s mentioned 59 times across all tracks.
21 Savage comes in third, mentioning money 121 times in his songs. According to our analysis of his lyrics, 21 Savage’s most used money-related word was ‘money’ itself, found 67 times across all of his songs.

In fourth is Tion Wayne with a total of 109 mentions of money-related language. Like 21 Savage, Tion Wayne’s most used word was also ‘money’, as our analysis of his lyrics found that the word is used 76 times.

Next is Gunna, with the rapper bragging about money 105 times in his music. The American rapper frequently refers to money as ‘cash’ in his lyrics, making this his most used money-related word with 31 mentions across all his songs.

Lil Uzi Vert came in sixth place, with 99 mentions of money. Alongside 21 Savage and Tion Wayne, ‘money’ was also Lil Uzi Vert’s most used money-related word in his songs.

Securing seventh, and the first and only female within the top 10, is Cardi B. We discovered that the American rapper refers to money 97 times all-in-all, with her most used money-related lyric being ‘money’ (mentioned 36 times).

Coming in eighth place is Big K.R.I.T, with the rapper bragging about money 95 times in his songs. The Mississippi-born rapper and producer mentions ‘pay’ in his lyrics 41 times making this his most used money-related word.

Rick Ross comes in ninth with 77 mentions of money-related language in his lyrics, and sharing the tenth spot is Young Thug and Tee Grizzleyy, each with 76. According to our analysis, along with most rappers in the top 10, these three artists also use the word ‘money’ the most in their lyrics – 28, 22 and 29 times, respectively.

The Top 5 Female Rappers That Brag the Most About Money

Since only one female rapper scored a spot among the top 10, we sought to find out the top 5 female rappers that are most likely to brag.

Taking first place is Cardi-B, with our analysis discovering that the American rapper mentions money 97 times across her tracks. Analysis of her lyrics found that the rapper mentions ‘money’ (36) and ‘diamond’ (23) the most in her lyrics.

City Girls came in second place, with 72 mentions of money in their music. Lil’ Kim comes next, in third, with 49 mentions of money in her songs – 34 of those are the word ‘money’.

Following shortly behind in fourth is Megan Thee Stallion who mentions money 47 times in her music. With some of her most recent songs being ‘Money Good’ (2019) and Rich (2020), to name a few, it’s no wonder she makes the top 5.

Rounding off the top five biggest braggers in the female rap game is Nicki Minaj, with 39 instances of money-related words being used in her music. Her most common lyrics are ‘money’ (10) and ‘rich’ (11).

The 5 Most Used Money-Related Words in Rap:

1. Money (1,471 mentions)
2. Rich (471 mentions)
3. Diamonds (355 mentions)
4. Cash (340 mentions)
5. Pay (334 mentions)

The Rappers That Brag the Least About Money

Of all rap artists studied, we found that Ziplok bragged the least about money in his songs, with no mentions of money in any of his lyrics, according to our analysis. Powfu follows shortly behind in second with just one money-related lyric found in his songs (‘rich’).

Rod Wave placed as the second most humble rap artist, with the rapper only referencing money 5 times in his songs. The most common money-related word was ‘pay’, found twice in our analysis of his lyrics.

Sharing the third spot is Lil Nas X and Bad Bunny, who both mention money-related words 6 times in their lyrics. For Bad Bunny, his only money-related word is ‘dime’ (mentioned 6 times), but for Lil Nas X his most popular word is ‘money’ (mentioned 4 times).

Fourth spot is taken by rapper King Von, with just 7 mentions of money in his lyrics. Following shortly behind, with just 8 references to wealth, is YNW Melly. Our analysis can reveal that despite being among the most humble artists, both artists enjoy rapping about spending money, with ‘buy’ being among most used lyrics.

With 10 mentions of money-related language found in our analysis of their lyrics, sixth place is shared between four artists:

  • The Weeknd
  • Lil Loaded
  • Troyman
  • Kid Cudi

Bragging About Money Vs. Net Worth

Intrigued to find out whether rappers that brag the most about money are also worth the most, we sought to investigate whether there is a correlation between the number of times money is mentioned and each rapper’s net worth.

Generally speaking, the artists that brag the most about money are not the artists with the highest net worth. Despite Rich the Kid bragging the most about money in his songs (136 times), he has a net worth of $10 million. Similarly, YG mentioned money 135 times in his lyrics, despite only having a net worth of $6 million – a far cry from the highest earning rapper, Kanye West, who is reportedly worth $3.2 billion!

The same goes for 21 Savage and Gunna who, despite bragging about money more than 100 times, have a net worth of $12 million and $4 million each, respectively.

How much do the Rappers with the highest net worth brag about money in songs?

On the other hand, some of the biggest and most valuable rappers mentioned their wealth far less in their music than you may expect.

Kanye West only mentions money 30 times across all his releases, despite having the highest net worth of all rappers in our study ($3.2 billion). Following a similar trend is West’s friend, Jay-Z, with the famous American rapper only mentioning money 44 times across his tracks, despite having an impressive net worth of over $1 billion (the second highest net worth of all rappers studied).

Eminem has the third highest net worth of $230 million, and in fourth is Drake valued at $180 million. However, their wealth is not often discussed or bragged about in their hits, with both artists only mentioning money 29 and 22 times, respectively.

With a net worth of $150 million, Lil Wayne brags about money just 66 times in his music. Snoop Dogg follows closely behind with a net worth of $135 million, yet he refers to money just 31 times in his music – half the number of Lil Wayne.

Despite being the only female rapper in the top 10 and being worth $100 million, Nicki Minaj was also more reserved about her financial situation in her songs, mentioning money just 39 times in total. The same goes for the Canadian rapper, The Weeknd, who also has a net worth of $100 million, yet only mentions money 10 times.

Bragging About Money Vs. Age

We were also interested to find out whether there’s a correlation between the age of rappers that brag the most about money in their music, and the least.

Ages of the top 5 rappers that brag the most:

1. Rich the Kid – 28 years old (136 mentions of money)
2. YG – 30 years old (135 mentions of money)
3. 21 savage – 27 years old (121 mentions of money)
4. Tion Wayne – 27 years old (109 mentions of money)
5. Gunna – 27 years old (105 mentions of money)

Ages of the top 5 rappers that brag the least:

1. Powfu – 21 years old (1 mention of money)
2. Rod Wave – 21 years old (5 mentions of money)
3. Lil Nas X – 21 years old (6 mentions of money)
4. Bad Bunny – 26 years old (6 mentions of money)
5. King Von – 18 years old (7 mentions of money)

Our method

  1. To determine which rap artists to study, sourced a list of the ‘Best Rappers of 2020’ from Ranker, which allows fans to rank their favourite rap artists. From the list provided, we sourced the top 121 rappers and made these the subject of our study.
  2. Following this, GamblingDeals collated and downloaded the top 10 most popular songs by each rapper and went on to analyse these with reference to a list of cash terms found on a resource by Lottoland which detailed the 22 terms most frequently used to refer to or discuss money.
  3. For each of these terms, we also included the variations of each word. For example, for the term ‘Stack’, we also included results for words such as ‘Stacks’, ‘Stacking’, ‘Stackin’, ‘Stacked’ and ‘Stack’ since these all share the same meaning. These variations were then used to extract cash terms from the rap lyrics and add these up to create a total number of mentions by each rapper.
  4. These figures were then ranked from highest to lowest to determine which rap artists brag the most about money in their music.
  5. To determine whether there was a correlation between the amount of times a rapper brags about money and their net worth, GamblingDeals found data revealing the net worth of each rap artist using Celebrity Net Worth.

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