The top 3 lottery winners who won big and lost it all

Winning the lottery is a dream held by millions of people across the globe. It represents the chance to lead a millionaire lifestyle where private jets are the norm and globetrotting is all part of the fun. Unfortunately though, it doesn’t always end up that way. Check out these 3 unlucky winners who won big jackpots but ended up with nothing. Always protect your bets people, even when they’re mega bets.

Michael Carroll – £9.7 million

Who can forget the British Lotto winner come loser Michael Carroll, who in 2002 at the age of nineteen while working as a bin man won £9.7 million. Carroll then became the self-proclaimed King of the Chavs, paying homage to his lifestyle and tastes, or so it seemed at least. Amongst his boxing training, sleeping with prostitutes, and heavy drinking – over time he gave away £4 million of his winnings to friends and family.

He didn’t win any awards for investment decisions following that, as you’d expect.

What the medallion wearing Carroll did manage to do though, was lose all of his money by 2013, and ended up working in a shortbread factory up in Scotland.

Carroll’s life never gave the impression that it was going to be smooth. As a 13-year-old he spent time in detention centres for shoplifting, while his dad – an RAF engineer – served time for assault at a disco.

Some or many would say ‘stupid or poor’ Carroll. But the boxing glove wearing, Rottweiler toting King of the Chavs, claims to not regret how he spent his winnings. Does that quality him as a loser? Well, he could certainly have been wiser.

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Janite Lee – £11.5 million

When Lee won £11.5 million in 1993, you wouldn’t expect that the American would end up with a university library named after her, yet be left without a penny to her name.

Lee was bursting with philanthropic ideas, which isn’t always suited to balancing a good book. Throwing money at various government programmes and political organisations, it didn’t take long till Lee found herself in trouble.

It turned out to be a damaging combination.

Before ten years had passed she filed for bankruptcy and ended up in debt.

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Mark Gardiner – £11 million

When Gardiner and his business partner won £22 million on the National Lottery, and split it down the middle, little did he know that it was a set-up perfect to ruin his life.
Yep, that’s what he says.

The Hastings man was ‘treated as a criminal’, and Gardiner claimed to be guilty of one thing: winning the Lottery. The tabloids – as you’d expect – had a field day writing about the stock working man, and pulling all the dirt you’d need to fill up an empty allotment.

By 2005 – ten years after his big win – he wasn’t speaking to any of his relatives, apart from one single cousin and her own family.

He told The Independent: ”I bought houses for five friends, and they don’t speak to me now either,”

It sounds like a pretty depressing trip down Disaster Lane. While many would expect that with a life changing sum of money, things would be brighter than ever – it seems as though for a lot of people, Gardiner included – it often ends up as just one big colossal personal mess.

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